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Nigel Kennedy - East Meets West


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Gatefold double LP

Nigel Kennedy is a British violinist and violist.  He made his early career in the classical field, and has more recently performed jazz, klezmer, and other music genres.

Kroke is a Polish intrumental ensemble of work music.  In addition to their own projects, Kroke have also recorded albums with such artists as Nigel Kennedy, Edyta Geppert, Maja Sikorowska and Tindra.

Nigel Kennedy joins forces with the gifted Polish band Kroke to explore the musical roots of Eastern Europe while still injecting his own unique visions.  The raw energy and haunting melodies of traditional tunes fascinated old masters such as Vivaldi and Bach, and they fascinate Nigel Kennedy.  These aren't just a string of tunes to fill up a recording; they are individual excitements felt by Nigel and shared with you.

Vibrant dance material driven almost to a frenzy, 'One Voice' is a simple melody played in turn on three instruments by three musicians of three faiths, 'Lost in Time' a haunting solo piece describing winter living conditions in a quarter of Poland.  Again, very real, very personal; Nigel has a home in Poland.  The spectacular record is a pure musical landscape capturing all the sunlight and shadows of his life.

Side 1
Ajde Jano
Lullaby for Kamila
T 4.2

Side 2
Jovano Jovanke

Side 3
One Voice
Tribute to Maria Tanase
Time 4 Time

Side 4
Lost in Time

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