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Limited edition 180-gram gatefold LP

Mastered by Joe Reagoso at Capitol Records

Heads & Tales is the first studio album by the American singer/songwriter Harry Chapin, released in 1972. The album contains Chapin's early signature song "Taxi." Chapin's debut is smoothly put together — "Taxi" is so elaborately produced and arranged that it's like a feature film that clocks in at six minutes and 44 seconds.

"Any Old Kind of Day" is a beautiful and unsettling confessional about an artist's unease and depression, like an East Coast equivalent to Brian Wilson's brand of personal songwriting, with a touch of James Taylor's influence and unique phrasings and sensibilities by Chapin; the epic "Dogtown" (which nearly overstays its welcome at seven and a half minutes) is a startling piece of song painting with a topical edge, which anticipated some aspects of Chapin's subsequent public commitment to progressive political causes; and "Same Sad Singer" is a haunting, romantic confessional that explores some of the same emotional territory in first-person terms that "Taxi" dealt with through characters.

Could You Put Your Light On, Please
Everybody’s Lonely
Sometime, Somewhere Wife

Any Old Kind Of Day
Same Sad Singer

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