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This 1978 collaboration between Brian Eno and Cluster members Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius may sound dated in this era of digital recordings, but the music still possesses a special appeal. This experimental trio concocted 10 electronic-based compositions that focus and embellish upon repeated patterns within their layered tracks of keyboards, piano, and occasional bass and guitar. The results range from the ethereal haze of "Old Land" and the psychedelic throb of "Broken Head" to the serene keyboard musings of "Luftschloss."

Eno contributes vocals or spoken word to three tracks, including the backward singing on "Tzima N'arki," a quirky slice of avant-pop that includes bass work from Can's Holger Czukay. Despite their minimalist approach to structure, Eno, Moebius, and Roedelius generate striking sounds and sonic contrasts throughout After the Heat, and one can certainly hear precursors to modern ambient, techno, and contemporary instrumentals on this diverse album.

Side 1
Foreign Affairs
The Shade
Old Land

Side 2
Base & Apex
Light Arms
Broken Head
The Belldog
Tzima N’ark

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