The Velvet Underground - Live At Max's Kansas City

 (Start Your Ear Off Right Exclusive)





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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP

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180-gram double LP

2015 expanded remaster of the legendary live recording from Max's Kansas City on Aug. 23, 1970

In the 1970s lower Manhattan's Max's Kansas City was the place to be, a perpetual meeting place for scene-makers and their satellites. In the summer of '70, The Velvet Underground was the house band, and their nightly gigs, propelled by Lou Reed's mesmerizing vocals, are the stuff of legend.

Documented on a cassette player by one of the Velvet's entourage, this recording has since become the most famous "bootleg" ever, capturing one of Reed's last-some say final-performances with the band before going solo. It both immortalizes a precise moment in pop culture history, and also spotlights one of rock's most influential bands at the peak of their extraordinary powers. 180-gram 2LP reissue, part of Rhino's "Start Your Ear Off Right" campaign.

Side 1
I'm Waiting For The Man (Live at Max's Kansas City)
White Light White Heat (Live at Max's Kansas City)
I'm Set Free (Live at Max's Kansas City)
Sweet Jane (Live at Max's Kansas City)

Side 2
Lonesome Cowboy Bill (Live at Max's Kansas)
New Age (Live at Max's Kansas City)
Beginning To See The Light (Live at Max's Kansas City)
I'll Be Your Mirror (Live at Max's Kansas City)

Side 3
Pale Blue Eyes (Live at Max's Kansas City)
Candy Says (Live at Max's Kansas City)
Sunday Morning (Live at Max's Kansas City)
After Hours (Live at Max's Kansas City)

Side 4
Femme Fatale (Live at Max's Kansas City)
Some Kinda Love (Live at Max's Kansas City)
Lonesome Cowboy Bill (Version 2 Live at Max's Kansas City)

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