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FLAC 176kHz/24bit Download

FLAC 176kHz/24bit Download

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Acoustic session recorded directly to a Sonoma DSD Workstation 

"What excellent compositions...exceptional performances...and rich, harmonic, organic sound, as natural and mellow via DSD as one could wish...10 stars...Love it, big time." — Dr. David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback Online

This collection of original material from the independent acoustic singer-songwriter David Elias is a special organic, natural sounding set of pure DSD recordings created at the Slipperworld Studios in La Honda, California (www.slipperworld.net). These 14 tracks feature David Elias (acoustic/vocal/harmonica), Charlie Natzke (acoustic/vocal) and Chris Kee (upright bass, Blue Coast Records).

This Acoustic Trio session release was captured in the studio on a single day as a series of live takes without any edits or overdubs. It was recorded by Charlie Natzke to no more than 8 tracks directly to a Sonoma DSD Workstation using Meitner converters.

The essence of the performance is the ambient and acoustic nature of all the instruments and vocals including natural resonance, harmonics, decay, and microphone bleed and decay using minimal micing without any artificial or digital effects.

Acoustic Trio DSD Sessions was recorded on a sunny day among the redwoods with the windows open. The musicians recorded standing roughly arms length from each other in a small circle with no isolation. A pair of microphones were positioned overhead to capture a stereophonic image of "the room". This was used as the only source of natural reverb in the mix.

The songs were mixed as DSD using a Sony mixer card in the Sonoma workstation. These tracks have never left the original DSD format, even as analog conversions for mixing!

As a result, what you hear from these pure DSD master recordings are the natural live performances of the trio, as if you were standing or sitting with them in the studio during the session.

1. If I Had My Way
2. Ohlone Dream
3. Above The Creek
4. Crossing
5. Changing Down
6. Take Me Down The Road
7. The Riddle Song
8. Rodeo On A Ridge
9. Summer Wind
10. One More Savior
11. Good Old Days
12. Vision Of Her
13. Transcendental Deprivation Part II Straw Dream
14. Morning Light Western Town

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