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Music For A New Society — A Reissue Of John Cale's classic 1982 album

Completely remastered from the original tapes and overseen by Cale himself

Album download included featuring three exclusive tracks

In 1982, Music For A New Society sounded exactly like its title: something futuristic, a new kind of songwriting exercise.

The album was, from a musical standpoint, writes AllMusic, a remarkable about-face, sounding calm, spare, and spectral where his last few albums had been all rant and rage; the arrangements were dominated by Cale's open, languid keyboard patterns, and there was far more aural "white space" in their framings than he had permitted himself since The Academy in Peril.

But beyond the cool, reserved exteriors of Music for a New Society, one finds a handful of stories of terribly damaged lives; on close inspection, the ethereal opening cut "Taking Your Life in Your Hands" turns out to be the story of a mother gone on a killing spree, while "Sanities," "Thoughtless Kind," and "Damn Life" are full of dashed hopes and painful emotional betrayals. If the approach to the material is a good bit different than what most fans had been used to from Cale, the results were, if anything, among the most compelling music of his career.

The download exclusive tracks include two outtakes from the original recording session plus the previously unreleased gem "Library Of Force." 180-gram vinyl.

Side 1
Taking Your Life In Your Hands
Thoughtless Kind
Sanctus (Sanities)
If You Were Still Around
Close Watch

Side 2
Broken Bird
Chinese Envoy
Changes Made
Damn Life
Rise, Sam And Rimsky Korsakov

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