Silversun Pickups - Better Nature

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP


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180-gram gatefold double LP

The fourth album from the Los Angeles indie rock band

Produced by Jacknife Lee, mixed by Alan Moulder

Silversun Pickups has made a career out of highlighting the contrast between Brian Aubert's wispy, trembling vocals and the band's heavily distorted atmospheres, but with Better Nature, their fourth studio album, they've embarked upon a journey for lusher, more electronically vibrant pastures, writes Sputnik Music.

This doesn't come as a surprise, considering that Swoon's "Growing Old is Getting Old" dabbled in gorgeous synths, and Neck of the Woods saw both "Here We Are" and "The Pit" engorge in electronically-infused backbeats. Better Nature is really just the next logical step for the band, as they flesh out those abstract ideas into a beautiful, fully-realized album. While it may dwindle in comparison to the lofty expectations laid out by its two predecessors, Better Nature is far from chump change, and it qualifies as yet another gem in this group's already illustrious discography.

1. Cradle (Better Nature)
2. Connection
3. Pins & Needles
4. Friendly Fires
5. Nightlight
6. Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance)
7. Tapedeck
8. Latchkey Kids
9. Ragamuffin
10. The Wild Kind

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What Label?

posted on 11/11/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: audiofan
Hadn't heard of the "New Machine Recordings" label, and I'm too lazy to research them, so I'll just tell you that the vinyl on my copy (all three sides - with an "etching" on the fourth) was totally without defect of any sort. No warp, no distracting "ticks/pops/etc" ...just an impressive pressing all way around. And IMO, this may be the finest album by SP ever. There just isn't a weak track, and the vinyl is incredibly dynamic & "open", with deep, tight extended bass, superb detail retrieval, separation, and depth. At least on my copy, very impressive, especially for a "rock" record. Just an immersive, involving mix. Bravo!

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