Various Artists - Jazz at the Pawnshop - Late Night

Total download size: 3.80GB Total play length: 48:37

Cover art and liner notes included

DSD file created from analog master.

Anyone who owns Jazz at the Pawnshop will not be able to resist this album and experiencing the enduring spirit of an incredible musical evening.    It’s called LATE NIGHT because these tapes come from previously unreleased recording of the last two sets played late-hours at the closing of the famous JAZZ at the PAWNSHOP recording. 

We accidentally fell upon this treasure while looking for the masters of Volume II of the original album.  The 40 year-old tapes were in excellent condition and we spent over a week editing and mastering them in high resolution.

We kept the musical tag which bands played to indicate the end of a set, and made a slow fade-out and fade-in to identify the break before the last one. 
You can hear the musicians walking back on stage, picking their instruments and getting into the final set of an electrifying evening.    
LATE NIGHT is a true gift.

For the 2xHD transfer of this recording, the original 1/4”, 15 ips CCIR master tape was played on a Nagra-T modified with high-end tube playback electronics, with a pair of Dolby A, wired with OCC silver cable from the playback head direct to a Telefunken EF806 tube. The Nagra T has one of the best transports ever made with four direct drive motors, two pinch rollers and a tape tension head.

We did an analog transfer for each high-res sampling and A & B comparisons were made with the original LP, using the KRONOS turntable with a BLACK BEAUTY tone arm.

192kHz was done using MSB Platinum Studio ADC plus
DSD was done using dCS 905 and dCS Vivaldi clock
DXD 352.8kHz was done using MSB Platinum Studio ADC plus
DSD2 was done using Ayre QA9pro

1. Frenesi
2. Gubben och Kallingen
3. Exactly Like You
4. Mood Indigo
5. Jeep's blues

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