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Charles West - Brahms & Beethoven Piano Trios


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DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/64fs Download

DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/64fs Download

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Charles West on clarinet, Roger Drinkall, cello and Dian Baker, piano. This recording took place March 1995 at Maurice Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah. As in most other Wilson Audiophile chamber recordings, the perspective is as seemingly close as your living room.

As a solo clarinetist, Charles West has performed throughout the United States and Mexico, and in Asia and South America. Among the orchestral principal positions he has held are the El Passo Symphony Orchestra, and as a principal in the Flagstaff Festival Symphony Orchestra and with the Virginia Opera. He holds a doctorate in performance and is a Fullbright Scholar. Roger Drinkall and Dian Baker — in the eight years since they formed the Drinkall-Baker Duo, have taken their performing magic to more than 600 concerts worldwide, garnering an international reputation. Drinkall's cello itself is a classic: an 1830 Pressenda, which a reviewer says he plays "like he was born with it, and made it sing with a tone that was dulcet even on the high notes." Dian Baker's virtuosity on violin gives her a uniquely smooth, liquid-lilke clarity beyond mere technical superiority.

The master tape for this session was recorded on the Ultramaster, Wilson Audio's exclusive modified Studer A80, 30 inch-per-second analog recorder. The cello was positioned in front of the piano, and to the right of center, facing the front of the soundstage The microphone preamps, designed and built by John Curl, are class A direct-coupled units. Each master tape transfer was executed on the UltraMaster.  A custom modified EMM Labs ADC-8 Mk IV was chosen by Dave and Daryl Wilson for transfers from the UltraMaster using the original tapes into a Sonoma DSD workstation for transfer and editing.

BEETHOVEN: Trio in B-flat for Piano, Clarinet and Cello. Op. 11: Beethoven wrote the piece when he was 28 years old and published it that same year. Dedicated to the Countess Maria von Thun (a patroness and advocate of Gluck, Haydn and Mozart), the work was first performed in 1800 at a soiree given by the Count von Fries.

BRAHMS: Trio in A Minor for Clarinet, Cello and Piano, Op. 114: One of two Brahms works written for clarinet, inspired by the playing of clarinetist Richard Muhlfeld. The piece premiered at a concert in Berlin in December 1891, with Brahms at the piano, Muhlfield and Hausmann on cello. The concert was a phenomenal triumph.



1. Piano Trio in A Minor, Op. 114: I. Allegro
2. Piano Trio in A Minor, Op. 114: II. Adagio
3. Piano Trio in A Minor, Op. 114: III. Andante grazioso
4. Piano Trio in A Minor, Op. 114: IV. Allegro
5. Piano Trio No. 4 in B-Flat Major, Op. 11 Gassenhauer: I. Allegro con brio
6. Piano Trio No. 4 in B-Flat Major, Op. 11 Gassenhauer: II. Adagio
7. Piano Trio No. 4 in B-Flat Major, Op. 11 Gassenhauer: III. Allegretto

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