Janet Feder - Songs With Words

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Janet Feder (Self Produced)



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DSD Multichannel 2.8MHz/64fs Download

DSD Multichannel 2.8MHz/64fs Download

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DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/64fs Download

Total download size: 6.90GB Total play length: 1:28:01

Recorded direct to DSD at Immersive Studios

Cover art and liner notes included

Please note this download includes the complete album in both stereo and multichannel DSD format!

"Songs With Words is our love letter to the true listeners of the world, captured inside a circle of 15 microphones and recorded in Pure DSD. From the first note to the last mastering move, our aim was to make the recordings we has always wanted to hear. Songs With Words was created to be explored over time, with each successive listening revealing layer under layer, taking the listener deeper and deeper into it's sonic universe." — Janet Feder

Songs With Words represents the confluence of Janet Feder's truly unique compositions for prepared guitar and her voice.  A collaboration with producer Joe Shepard and engineer Mike Yach (Immersive Studios in Boulder, Colorado) and captured on Gus Skinas' Sonoma DSD system, Janet's instrumental compositions and her quiet, penetrating voice shimmer and breathe throughout.  Although Janet occasionally overdubs with handmade sounds, electric and other guitars, there are no digital effects - only wobbly, vintage reel-to-reel and other machines, a giant plate reverb, and an abundance of the unusual objects she uses on her instruments to evoke an entire other reality.  This is a nearly live, acoustic album that curiously appeals to listeners across the spectrum.  

"Songs with Words sounds like an ordinary title for an album, but it's far more unusual than that. The sound quality is immense; the album was recorded by 15 microphones that were placed completely around Janet as she performed. Her prepared guitar, which will remind you of Arvo Part's prepared piano works with their slightly alien, percussive tones, was recorded live along with her vocals and piano. She achieves these otherwordly sounds by placing small metal rings — the same as you'd find on a key ring — on the strings as she plays. Other additional effects were added later using 'analog plates, reverbs and tape-based manipulations.' The liner notes state, in bold type, that 'There are no digital effects in this recording.' Everything was recorded on the largest Sonoma system in the world. That's why Songs with Words sounds so huge and intimate at the same time." — Vinyl Anachronist

1. Heater (Multichannel)
2. Your Country Is Like A Wall (Multichannel)
3. My Blackest Crow (Multichannel)
4. A Thousand Million Petty Tyrants (Multichannel)
5. Blowin' In The Wind (Multichannel)
6. O The Sky Falling Moment (Multichannel)
7. Plan To Live (Multichannel)
8. White Men Landing (Multichannel)
9. Trees Are Burning (Multichannel)
10. Ocean Wall (Multichannel)
11. Heater (Stereo)
12. Your Country Is Like A Wall (Stereo)
13. My Blackest Crow (Stereo)
14. A Thousand Million Petty Tyrants (Stereo)
15. Blowin' In The Wind (Stereo)
16. O The Sky Falling Moment (Stereo)
17. Plan To Live (Stereo)
18. White Men Landing (Stereo)
19. Trees Are Burning (Stereo)
20. Ocean Wall (Stereo)

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