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One of two releases from Intervention Records' Lost '90s Series

Lost '90s Series launches with Sparkle and Fade and So Much For the Afterglow

So Much For the Afterglow hits include "I Will Buy You A New Life" and "Father of Mine"

180-gram vinyl pressed at RTI!

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

Intervention Records is a new premium vinyl reissue label headed by hi-fi industry veteran Shane Buettner.

Featuring 180-gram heavyweight vinyl plated and pressed at RTI, and faithfully restored artwork printed to Stoughton Printing old-style deluxe film-lamination jackets, reissues from Intervention Records feature titles new to the vinyl reissue market, especially those that never saw a vinyl release at all or only saw a limited vinyl edition.

Everclear's 1995 breakout Sparkle and Fade and its double-platinum follow-up So Much for the Afterglow were noteworthy. Everclear remains one of the few elite acts to emerge from the post-Nirvana grunge explosion, rockers who not only match the crunch and aggression of Seattle's finest, but the hooks and honesty. Everclear's Art Alexakis wrote songs of a mature but hard-rocking brand of power pop with gritty, achingly true lyrics about addiction, failed relationships and loneliness.

So Much For the Afterglow delivered three top-five hits in "Everything to Everyone," "I Will Buy You A New Life" and "Father of Mine."

So Much For the Afterglow was captured on analog master tapes, but never fully assembled in the analog domain. That means choosing the final mixes, sequencing, crossfades, etc. was performed only in the digital domain, which in a real sense means no analog master exists of the final album. Universal archived the original tapes in high-resolution digital and supplied IR with specially prepared flat 24-bit/96kHz files for compatibility with Cohearent Audio's 24-bit capable Pacific Microsonics D-A conversion system and what notes were available regarding which files contained final mixes, sound effects, crossfades, etc. Cohearent's Kevin Gray and IR's Shane Buettner then spent painstaking hours running down the title comparing the files to the original Capitol LP to ensure final mixes and sequencing, crossfades, sound effects and properly space the time between tracks.

Sonically, So Much For The Afterglow is now better than ever before, with true timbres and textures, a much more expansive soundstage, no dynamic limiting/compression, and unsurpassed musicality and listenability. A ‘90s alt rock classic brought to new life!


Side 1
1. So Much For The Afterglow
2. Everything To Everyone
3. Ataraxia (media intro)
4. Normal Like You
5. I Will Buy You A New Life
6. Father Of Mine
7. One Hit Wonder

Side 2
8. El Distorto De Melodica
9. Amphetamine
10. White Men In Black Suits
11. Sunflowers
12. Why I Don’t Believe In God
13. Like A California King

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Awesome Job Intervention!

posted on 07/13/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Dave
After reading reviews for Sparkle and Fade I was a little hesitant to buy this, but I'm glad I did. It sounds absolutely fantastic. Very nostalgic experience listening to this one. I hope Intervention Records continues the "Lost 90s series."

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