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Mahler’s usual practice was to work during the winter on the score of the symphony he had sketched the previous summer; but in the winter of 1910-11, instead of working on the Tenth, he made a further revision of the already completed Ninth Symphony. So the Tenth remained a skeleton, although he himself spoke of it as “a work fully prepared in the sketch”.

What does this mean? No two composers work in exactly the same way, and for Mahler the process of elaborating the sketch was quite a complex process. Even at the stage of orchestrating a work, he was capable of making radical changes to the structure. Although the sketches present a continuous musical argument, without a missing bar, the Tenth Symphony would clearly have been substantially reworked and revised. It is this that has led many critics to maintain not only that it is impossible to ‘complete’ the Symphony, but that such a completion is unethical.

1. Mahler / Cooke: Symphony No. 10: I. Adagio
2. Mahler / Cooke: Symphony No. 10: II. Scherzo
3. Mahler / Cooke: Symphony No. 10: III. Purgatorio (Allegretto moderato)
4. Mahler / Cooke: Symphony No. 10: IV. [Scherzo]
5. Mahler / Cooke: Symphony No. 10: V. Finale

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