Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman

Total download size: 2.90GB Total play length: 36:46

Cover art included, liner notes not included

Now In Double DSD! Easily the most famous Double DSD download brought to market to date!

Double DSD file created from the original analog master tape by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound. 

Tea For The Tillerman is one of Cat Stevens' finest albums and a gem in the crown of early 1970s singer/songwriterdom. Stevens manages to have his cake and eat it too, simultaneously achieving pop accessibility and artistic relevance. The feel is decidedly gentle and spare. Apart from the occasional string section, Stevens is accompanied only by a three-piece band as he sings his introspective lyrics with appreciable favor.

Where Do the Children Play
Hard Headed Woman
Wild World
Sad Lisa
Miles From Nowhere
But I Might Die Tonight
Longer Boats
Into White
On the Road To Find Out
Father and Son
Tea for the Tillerman

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So, is this what it is supposed to be?

posted on 10/15/2015
3 Stars
Reviewer: Greg
NOTE TO ADMINISTRATOR: Has it been confirmed that this file is what it purports to be?

Scrap that previous review... here's why

posted on 08/19/2015
2 Stars
Reviewer: Van
Administrator's Note: Acoustic Sounds would like to confirm that this Double DSD file was created from the original analog master tape by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound.

A friend and I each bought a version of the DSD files of this album: I bought the Double-Rate version and liked it at first. The previous review is from my friend, prior to hearing the Single-Rate version. He quickly changed his mind upon hearing the Single-Rate edition: the Double-Rate sounds digitally muddled and lower in volume when compared to the Single Rate edition. Playing each against the Analogue Productions 45-RPM LP set, the Single Rate version almost meets the 45-RPM LP's fidelity (if only Side 1 wasn't pressed off center! Imagine "Wild World" varying in pitch on an audiophile release...). The Double Rate edition doesn't compare to either. Did someone just upsample the Single Rate version to Double? If so, two carnal DSD rules would be broken, namely don't manipulate a DSD file after it's been created, and don't upsample a file. This may be the first well-known album to be available as a Double Rate DSD download, but save your money and buy the Single Rate edition at $10

Mostly WOW!

posted on 08/17/2015
4 Stars
Reviewer: Glen (aka Barney Rubble)
PROS: Real, lush, smooth, with none of the glare/compression of PCM with sample rates up to 24/192. Also, the tape transport issue of the 33-RPM edition from Analogue Productions is completely absent here, and one no longer has to be annoyed at the slightly off-centre pressing of the Analogue Productions 45-RPM edition.

CONS: Mastered so quietly that one has to strain to hear the opening notes to "Where Do the Children Play?" at a volume setting where other DSD files are slightly louder than comfortable.

CAVEAT: Have not yet listened to the equivalent Single Rate DSD download (also from the same mastering studio, by the same mastering engineer), so have yet to be able to say if there is an advantage to Double Rate DSD (namely, raising the file's noise an octave per doubling of sample rate, if not an increase in audio resolution as well) over the Single Rate DSD version.

OVERALL: Sounds GREAT, but did it really have to be mastered at such a low volume?

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