Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session


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AAPP 072
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180 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 33 1/3 RPM

180 Gram LP  

Recorded originally at 44.1kHz/16-bit

Remastered by original recording engineer Peter Moore, and Cowboy Junkies

Lacquers cut by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound

Expanded gatefold edition with additional photos, new cover design as the musicians/artist intended

New liner notes written by author and music editor Jason Schneider

Stoughton Printing old-style tip-on gatefold jacket

Plated and pressed on 180g vinyl at Quality Record Pressings

"Regardless, sonics are first-rate, as is Analogue Productions' knockout reissue. The sound is exceptionally ambient and airy, with a remarkable sense of depth and a seemingly endless stage. Instruments are creamy-rich in texture, as is Timmins' come-hither vocal style. If you love Trinity Sessions, you'll want this edition." — Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, February 2017. Read the whole review here.

Read about the making of this spectacular album in Tom Doyle's October 2015 article for Sound On Sound magazine here.

Cowboy Junkies recorded this spectacular LP as a "live" event Nov. 27, 1987 at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto. It was recorded with a digital R-Dat and using only a Calrec Ambisonic Microphone. What this means is the record sounds like the band was playing right in front of you with the perfect ambiance.

Yes, this is a digital recording. True to our company principles, Analogue Productions in almost all cases reissues recordings only where the analog master tape is available. However, there are rare exceptions that whether digitally recorded or otherwise, a recording is so outstanding it's worthy of the highest quality vinyl reissue.

Featuring the sultry voice of Margo Timmins, the precise musicianship of her brothers Peter (on drums) and Michael (on guitar), and bassist Alan Anton, The Trinity Session is a spare, evocative, countrified-rock classic. First released in late 1988, The Trinity Session was named "Album of the Year" by The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times described it as "a quiet, special record that challenges traditional music." Rolling Stone declared the album to be "as important as it its inspiring."

Today, it remains much more than a snapshot of a single day's work captured on tape. So for this deluxe Analogue Productions reissue, we pulled out all the stops. Starting with new mastering from the original session digital tapes by the original recording engineer, Peter Moore. And lacquer cutting by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound. The church where the album was recorded was selected on the basis of work Moore had done there with other jazz and classical artists. Using a single Calrec Ambisonic microphone, the results are stunning.

Next, we kicked up the packaging and content several notches. You're holding a heavyweight old-style tip-on Stoughton Printing jacket, and it has brand-new liner notes by author and music editor Jason Schneider. Schneider is the author of Whispering Pines: the Northern Roots of American Music from Hank Snow to The Band. He's also the roots music editor at Exclaim! and his work has been published in Paste, The Word, The Toronto Star and other publications. The liner notes share space with additional recording session photos, inside and on the back cover. Additionally, the cover has been redesigned to remove the lettering and photo distortion originally applied and make it appear as the musicians/artist originally intended. Lastly, this sonic treasure has been pressed on 180g vinyl at Quality Record Pressings, maker of the world's finest LPs, with stampers plated by master plating technician Gary Salstrom.

The inspired reworking of both "Blue Moon" and "Working On A Building" reveal the Timmins family to be talented interpreters and insightful neo-traditionalists. Mixing the ambitious songwriting of Margo and Michael Timmins with subdued covers of Lou Reed's "Sweet Jane" and Hank Williams' "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," The Trinity Session is an exquisite collection that holds up quite well under repeated listenings.

"The main appeal of The Trinity Session, the Cowboy Junkies' second album, remains its lo-fi sound. The ambient buzz of Toronto's Church of the Holy Trinity, where the Junkies recorded the album around one microphone, colors every song, reinforcing the live setting and generating vinyl intimacy even on CD. It's as if the church itself was an instrument, one that Junkies could play pretty well. It allows Margo Timmins' voice to fill your field of vision, simultaneously soothing and unsettling, while her brother Michael's guitar rumbles through the songs, a little louder and sharper than anticipated." — Pitchfork



Side 1
Mining For Gold
Misguided Angel
Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)

Side 2
I Don't Get It
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
To Love is to Bury

Side 3
200 More Miles
Dreaming My Dreams With You
Working on a Building

Side 4
Sweet Jane
Postcard Blues
Walking After Midnight

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 14 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 04/25/2023
5 Stars
Not much to say beyond what others have already said, it is is a magnificent pressing with minimal surface noise and pops the first time it is played and dead silent from every listening beyond that. I have a second copy arriving in a couple of days to make sure I have a back up

If you’ve got a decent setup by all means make the investment, clean the vinyl really good, shut off the lights, sit in the sweet spot, grab a glass of single malt or your favorite cab and enjoy ??

Pure bliss.


posted on 01/08/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ted
This band was clearly ahead of its time when this was recorded back in 1987. Like The Band, Neil Young, or Joni Mitchell it is often Canadians that hear things in American music and take it to another level- rewarding the listener with musical bliss. The covers on this " alt- country" record are unique and exceptional too. To think that this all happened in one day, is a story within itself.

This reissue is a MUST HAVE for any serious record collector. It is rare that such exceptional sounding albums came out of the late 1980's with the advent of the DAT, but there are always exceptions and this record is glorious example of that. Analogue Productions has more than delivered on this one.

A must have

posted on 10/18/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: North a 40
I have the 2016 vinyl reissue of this record and had ordered the UHQR pressing of Kind of Blue and decided to add a few things to the order. I was curious to see how the QRP pressing stacked up, I was not disappointed. The difference is in how quiet the vinyl is. The lower surface noise allows all the nuances of the churches ambiance to shine through not to mention the better detail. So put $60 in the collection plate, sit in the front pew and enjoy!

Beautiful record

posted on 06/05/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Randy Mazzu
Sound is fantastic and mesmerizing.

It'll bring you to tears!

posted on 02/23/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael
I have an original press of The Trinity Session in fantastic shape, but what Analogue Productions did with this re-issue almost defies imagination and description.

For starters, the two record set returns the two CD tracks that were left off the original LP for space reasons. "Song For Elvis" was a tune I always missed on vinyl; not anymore.

But the intimate, spacious sound captured in this empty church is brought to such vivid life here that I found myself wiping my eyes once or twice...and I don't do that. It really puts you in the pews, hearing this music reverberate throughout and around. The qualify of the vinyl means you get a pristine listening experience, even in the album's many quieter moments.

I'm so glad AP decided to give this digital recording their velvet touch, as nobody could have done a better job in making sure all of us hear this terrific album...REALLY hear though it were the first time. A must-own for any fan of the

Absolutely Gorgeous and Crystal Clear

posted on 03/28/2020
5 Stars
Even though this recording is not "technically" analog, it sounds so deeply analog like it's hard to describe. All I know is that this pressing of the Trinity Sessions is a haunting and mystical sounding album. Quality Record Pressings, as far as I am concerned, still the best in the world. An absolute must have for a candle light and wine late night.


posted on 02/25/2017
5 Stars
Reviewer: Rick
with the reviews above. I own an original pressing of this album and the AP release is far superior in all ways. A worthy investment.

Best vinyl re-issue...ever?

posted on 12/10/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Audio flea
If you are a Junkies fan, this is sonic nirvana. I'm trying to think of a reason why this isn't the best sounding piece of vinyl in my collection. I've got nothin.

The sound is omnipresent. 3-dimensional imagery. Haunting Echoes off the church ceiling. Close your eyes and you are there. Whoa!


posted on 11/15/2016
5 Stars
Grew up with this album and this version is like hearing it for the first time. Terrific sonics and life to this unique album.


posted on 11/12/2016
5 Stars
Those who feel pressing a digital recording on vinyl misses the point should hear this for themselves. The music here sounds very alive and present, better than many AAA recordings.


posted on 10/31/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Reed
Oh my. There is so much missing from the CD, compared to this vinyl version. I was expecting this to be good, but not this good. There is so much more texture to everything in this recording.


posted on 10/28/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: ColdWaxMN
I never really write reviews very often but felt I had to say something about this great reissue! I have a US og pressing that I felt could sound better but never wanted to pull the trigger on now very expensive the classic records reissue that came out a few years back. I'm glad I waited because this sounds AMAZING!! Could not be more pleased! Thank you so much for doing such a great job with such an important album!!!

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