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Laserdisc of the Imax motion picture Flyers

Acclaimed by critics and audiences around the world, Flyers has earned a permanent place in film history for its unforgettable stunt flying sequences.

The story deals with a retired Navy pilot who earns a living performing death defying aerial maneuvers for motion pictures, although the rea stars of the film are the 10 different aircraft that Flyers showcases in action. These range from World War I fighters and barnstorming Tri-Motors to modern F-15 jets and Schweizer sailplanes.

Edge-of-the seat experiences include a dogfight over the fields of France, a Corsair crash landing on the deck of a carrier and an F-15 test flight at 21/2 times the speed of sound.

Side 1
1. Vought F4U Consair
2. Nieuport 28
- Fokker Dr. 1 Triplane
- Bell Jet Ranger
3. Ford Tri-Motor
4. Stearman 450
5. Fleetwings “Sea Bird”
6. McDonnel Douglas F-15 Eagle

Side 2
7. L-13 Blanik and Schweizer 2-32 Sailplanes

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