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Beth Hart - My California

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APRV 30111
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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP

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Vinyl Record
Limited Edition 140 Gram Transparent Red Vinyl

First time on vinyl in the U.S.!

180-gram vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies

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Repressing of this 2010 album from the singer/songwriter. Beth Hart has established herself as an honest, expressive, artist whose songs tell the story of her past.

My California tells confessional stories from Hart's life. "Sister Heroine," is about the loss of her sister, Sharon. About being gathered as a family and feeling guilty over talking about the good old days. When someone is missing, even having guilt over feeling joy or laughing. "Like You (And Everyone Else)" is about the struggle in dealling with life and bi-polar disorder. It's about wishing to be like everyone else, and realizing that we are not the same. "Everybody Is Sober" describes the feeling that everybody else seems to have their act together, going forward, while you yourself are moving backwards. But it's also about self-righteousness.

Beth's music can transcend you through the joys of life or teach about the hardships of struggle and addiction. The tales of experience exist in every sweet sigh and every savage scream that she breathes on this album. It's Beth's blunt and edgy approach that sets her apart from other artists.


Side 1
1. My California
2. Life Is Calling
3. Happiness…Any Day Now
4. Love Is The Hardest
5. Bad Love Is Good Enough
6. Drive

Side 2
7. Sister Heroine
8. Take It Easy On Me
9. Like You (and Everyone Else)
10. Everbody Is Sober
11. Weight Of The World

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