Rush - Moving Pictures

180-gram vinyl reissue

Remastered from the original analog master tapes at Abbey Road Studios!

Throughout the years 2014 and 2015, Rush is celebrating their 40th anniversary with vinyl reissues of albums from their Mercury era.

"With Moving Pictures, Rush's complex songwriting and musical virtuosity reached new heights. It's that rarest of creatures, a highly listenable progressive-rock album; even the all-instrumental "YYZ" is of interest to listeners besides musicians. The highlight of the album is 'Limelight' — like many progressive-rock bands, Rush writes songs about the experience of being on-stage. The result is impressive, with almost orchestral arrangements that never overwhelm the actual music.

"'Tom Sawyer,' another classic, is on this album, as well as the science-fiction-meets-road-movie "Red Barchetta," the epic "The Camera Eye," the cautionary "Witch Hunt," and "Vital Signs," which takes advantage of the budding digital sound technology available at the time the album was recorded. This is probably Rush's best album; it's definitely their most accessible." —

Side 1
1. Tom Sawyer
2. Red Barchetta
3. YYZ
4. Limelight

Side 2
5. The Camera Eye
6. Witch Hunt
7. Vital Signs

Customer Reviews (4.43 Stars) 7 person(s) rated this product.

Very Impressive

posted on 02/01/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Brent
Well done Quality Record Pressings, Packaged quality was top shelf as LP required nothing more than a quick dusting. Image quality and recording levels are right there with my FLAC files from HD Tracks. Zero snap crackle pops, ZERO. The individual who left a negative review may want to evaluate his set-up. I’m a huge MOFI fan and this LP ranks right there with them. Thank You !!

Superb recording!

posted on 03/22/2017
5 Stars
Reviewer: mro87
Superb recording! Do not hesitate if you are a Rush fan!


posted on 01/20/2016
5 Stars
I dont know what kind of setup the previous reviewer was listening on , but on mine its killer.Beautifull tonality,wide sound stage;and great front to back dynamics My pressing is flat and dead quiet. All anyone could ask for ,Music hall 5.1 mojo cart to Pro-ject tube s phono pre denon amp polk speakers


posted on 01/16/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: John P M
Being that after many months of this title being released and it's only reviewer calls it horrible, I feel I must finally add my voice. I own a near mint first pressing of this album, but felt the need to purchase this one due to my appreciation of the other Rush titles Ive purchased. I just A/B'd this again to my original and it has all the presence, punch and depth of the original. The vinyl it was pressed on is flawless with a silent black background. This masterpiece from Rush has been given a first class remaster and is worth every penny especially for those who cant find a mint original at this price point. There is no loss of resolution on this release.


posted on 01/13/2016
1 Stars
Don't waste your money.. get an original instead... it sounds like a CD on the LP!!! Terrible....... So thinned out and terrible!

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