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Ten years down the road from her big-splash debute Trailer Park, the woman who brought a Sandy Denny-like folk-rock sensibility to electronica scales things down considerably. While the preceding Daybreaker had already found the British songstress moving closer to the acoustic side of the sonic divide, Comfort Of Strangers makes Orton's sound homier by seemingly abandoning all ambitions for Dido-like waif-pop success in favor of intimate, personal observations.

In the end, Orton's a confessional singer/songwriter of the old school, though the pounding piano and left-of-center lyrics of the opening tune "Worms" sound closer to Fiona Apple than to Joni Mitchell. Orton's warm-but-reedy voice floats gorgeously through the gentle tunes, ultimately lending her songs more personality than anything since she released since her vaunted breakout.

Side 1
1. Worms
2. Countenance
3. Heartland Truckstop
4. Rectify
5. Comfort Of Strangers
6. Shadow Of A Doubt

Side 1
7. Conceived
8. Absinthe
9. A Place Aside
10. Safe In Your Arms
11. Shopping Trolley
12. Feral
13. Heart Of Soul

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