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Ryan Adams presents the latest single in his prolific 7″ series. Blue Light is backed by "On My Life" and "I Lost My Mind" and will be available at the end of March. The announcement comes in the context of a letter Adams posted from Ireland. Each song gets a lengthy backstory, and there are digressions involving "Back To The Future," smartphones, sports jerseys, the Strokes, Chris Farley, and why a certain '80s aesthetic turns Adams into a cowboy.

"Sometimes that LA sun burns right into your soul and deadens it in the most fantastic way. The night is hot and dehydrating. It doesn't ever last long enough and everything is so over-illuminated that you forget what the fog is. Until once or a twice or year. Round midnight. Then you remember where you are. A summertime land where just around the corner things like weather and madness ride the seasons like seeds on the wind.

Sometimes we crawl into PaxAm and there really is nothing left to do. Nobody is stuck. Electricity and instruments. Low light. Orange Light. There are no notes waiting to be transcribed into song - there are not half-written jams to try and figure out what is what... there is just riff optimism and whatever a person couldn't shake when they went to take out the trash that morning. Maybe something you overheard a couple arguing about across the wooden aisles of the Soul records section at Amoeba... you find the guitar in your hand faster than you would care to if it was how you explained all that to yourself. I am that guy. My pals seem to be that too. If we were into sports we would be the kind of person who wears a "newly laundered" jersey to a nice dinner. That sort of thing."

The whole letter is great - read it here!


Side 1
1. Blue Light

Side 2
2. On My Life
3. I Lost My Fucking Mind

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