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Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue


Analogue Productions



Product No.:
AAPJ 083
UPC: 753088008313

200 Gram Vinyl Record

200 Gram LP  

Mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound from the original stereo analog master tapes!

Stoughton Printing old-style gatefold jacket with beautiful added photos!

Plated and pressed by Quality Record Pressings

"The recording quality is extremely high. Transparency and timbral accuracy are high points, the ‘stereo' spread, the low point. This sounds as if it was a two track recording meant to be mixed to mono and in fact, I have a mono original that I prefer spatially, but it can't otherwise begin to compare to this reissue's remarkable clarity, transparency and black backgrounds." — Music = 10/11; Sound = 9/11 - Michael Fremer, Read Fremer's full review here.

Read more about a new documentary film What Happened, Miss Simone?, a flim by Liz Garbus, here: And also The Amazing Nina Simone, a film by Jeff L. Lieberman, here.

For more information on Little Girl Blue and the life and times of Nina Simone, see Princess Noire: The Tumultuous Reign of Nina Simone by Nadine Cohodas, The University of North Carolina Press, 2010.

"Listening to the AP pressing of Little Girl Blue is like being a few tables closer to the stage. At one point in 'My Baby Just Cares for Me,' the band stops and you can hear Simone tapping her foot in time. It's there in both pressings, but it has more impact — and becomes a greater part of the experience — on the AP. Analogue Productions has done everything right to ensure that these reissues are first class. Pressed by Quality Record Pressings on 200gm vinyl, each disc is flat, beautifully finished, and utterly quiet, and is packaged in a heavy cardboard jacket with well-reproduced artwork. The Nina Simone and Jeff Beck LPs are in gatefold jackets with additional photos. The packaging is terrific, but it's the sound of these LPs that will bring you back again and again. Ryan Smith has done an exemplary job of remastering, which in my case meant letting me hear new things in albums I've played many times before." — Joseph Taylor, SoundStage! Hi-Fi, October 2015

"This earliest recording shows Simone fully formed, singing among other things, 'Porgy' and 'Don't Smoke In Bed,' songs that would become signature pieces for her. Analogue Productions obtained the master tape, and this LP sounds wonderful - instrumental texture and pitch stability superior to the original or any reissue. If you set aside a slight quibble about going with stereo, no Bethlehem reissue has ever sounded this good." — Recording = 9/10; Music = 9/10 - Dennis D. Davis, Hi-Fi +, Issue 127

Eunice Kathleen Waymon recorded more than 40 albums over a long, distinguished career that stretched for five decades. As Nina Simone, her distinctive mellifluous voice honed a career catagorized variously as a jazz singer, soul singer and folk artist; she was all of these — and more.

Little Girl Blue was Nina Simone's debut release. Bethlehem founder Gus Wildi, taken with the uniquely beautiful quality of her voice, gave her complete control over song selection, backing musicians, arrangements and production of the recording.

For this new Analogue Productions reissue of Little Girl Blue we've upped the ante. A single pocket jacket to suffice? No. We've done the lady right with a heavy Stoughton Printing tip-on gatefold jacket featuring gorgeous color photos of Nina from a glamorous stage performance. And the peerless mastering by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in New York sounds incredible. Then top it off with 200-gram Quality Record Pressings vinyl that is unsurpassingly silent and gives incredibly rich playback.

As the liner notes say, there are plenty of musical singers who vocalize well and have an individual style but who never cross that thin and hard-to-define line that separates a good "pop" style from one that is jazz. The first few notes of this record will immediately confirm Nina's jazz credentials. As she said, "You got to get to people." That she does with a vibrant and husky contralto that tonally sounds like a blend of an unlikely combination of Marian Anderson and Ma Rainey.

Nina Simone was born February 21, 1933, in Tryon, North Carolina. She was one of eight children — all of whom sang or played an instrument. At 4 she started to play piano; by 4 1/2  she was singing and soon was part of a church trio with her sisters. By the time she reached high school she was playing jazz piano heavily tinged with the folk blues of the south. When she graduated at 17 she left home for Philadelphia. Later followed two years of serious piano study at New York's Julliard School of Music. She made her first vocal appearance singing from the keyboard at the Mid-Town Club in Atlantic City. By this time she had heard and enjoyed and been influenced by such stylists as Louis Armstrong, Kitty White, Sarah Vaughn, Louis Jordan and Billie Holiday.

Her unusual combination of classical training, the ecstatic and serious quality of gospel church music that influenced her vocal delivery, and the funky and modern schools of jazz with which she came into close contact all made for an inspiring singer and instrumentalist.

For Little Girl Blue, Nina and her rhythm section recorded the entire album plus three additional tracks in just one session. In her biography of Nina, Nadine Cohodas recounts engineer Irv Greeenbaum's recollection of that day: "Nothing like Nina's artistry had ever happened before ... Her voice and the keyboard playing were so rich and interesting that they could have stood alone."

Little Girl Blue documents Nina Simone's unparalleled and idiosyncratic musical persona at a particularly vibrant, formative stage, and helped launch her on a trajectory with more than its share of personal and professional trials and triumphs.



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Engineer — Irv Greenbaum

Recorded late fall, 1957, at Beltone Studio, New York, NY

Nina Simone, piano and vocals
Jimmy Bond, bass
Albert "Tootsie" Heath, drums


Side 1
1. Mood Indigo
2. Don’t Smoke In Bed
3. He Needs Me
4. Little Girl Blue
5. Love Me Or Leave Me
6. My Baby Just Cares For Me

Side 2
7. Good Bait
8. Plain Gold Ring
9. You’ll Never Walk Alone
10. I Loves You Porgy
11. Central Park Blues

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 8 person(s) rated this product.

Her first and best

posted on 02/05/2020
5 Stars
OK, maybe the 45 RPM is 5 stars but lets call that one 5 1/2! All one session for a new artist they probably were not sure would take with the public because of her unique almost "acquired" sound. She accompanies herself on piano with a trio behind her. Who knew she was a great pianist as well? Anyway the cost cutting of studio time combined with otherwise excellent production makes a great LP in it's music and sound.

Very Wide Soundstage

posted on 11/27/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Anthony
I also have the 180 gram mono version from Pure Pleasure and when comparing the two I find this stereo issue to be quieter and cleaner, having better definition with a blacker background. But the hard left/hard right channel separation can be distracting. Sometimes Nina is so far left she is almost in another room and one would think her piano is playing itself as they are nowhere near each other. Instruments are much more centered and 'believable' on the more intimate mono version. They are both very good, but amazingly different in their presentations. Whichever is 'correct' may depend on the listeners' personal choices.

Well Done!

posted on 07/24/2016
5 Stars
Let me start by saying that my knowledge of and exposure to Nina Simone's work are both limited so I am not an authority on the subject. My interest in hearing her work was birthed from learning of her life story which is strange and sad and the circumstances surrounding this, her first album. So I will leave the musical critique to those who are more knowledgeable and gifted than I am. But if I had to describe this record in a single word it would be "authentic". It speaks to your soul in that mysterious and wonderful way that music often does. And if forced to describe this particular pressing in a single word I think it would likely be the same. It is authentic in it's sound as well as in it's presentation. Analogue Productions pays attention to the details of all aspects of production and it shows in releases such as this one. I honestly cannot find fault here and I am so grateful to experience this. Thank you to all at A.P. and Q.R.P. for another job very well done.


posted on 02/29/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Fred Thomas
May be my favorite Nina Simone record.....Mastering, pressing, gatefold cover and add photos.....Fantastic job!!!! Thanks so much !!!!


posted on 02/23/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: michel
This pressing sounds like a million dollars. Never in my life did I ever think this music could sound this wonderful. A++, Well Done!! Congratulations to Analogue've hit a bulls eye On top of the amazing tonality, the record is very clean and very flat, and quiet. The ususal top quality packaging accompanies this glorious LP.

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