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Sure, Steppenwolf often sounded dirty, like oil-stained road hogs to the core. But that sound made them great. Singer John Kay sounded mean too, sometimes like a junkyard dog, but his voice always entertained; it could startle and frighten as well as it could sell a tune. It could even soothe (listen to his voice above the acoustic guitar and strings on “Spiritual Fantasy”). And the album’s burly hit “Magic Carpet Ride”—a dude’s sexual anthem if ever there was one—doesn’t steal the show here as you might expect. The requisite biker blues and R&B (like “Tighten Up Your Wig,” with its gnarly truckstop harmonica solo) are skillfully tempered with heavy psych-pop (“None of Your Doing” and “28”), a pro-weed call-and-response (“Don’t Step on the Grass, Sam”), a barroom scamp-out (the organ-drenched “Hodge, Podge, Strained Through a Leslie”), and a driving little ditty about sexual lift (“Resurrection”). Teenage lead guitarist Michael Monarch is an unheralded hero here; his jagged guitar lines and beautifully inventive arpeggios cut through the spare arrangements like a little Hendrix with a big axe to grind.

1. Faster Than The Speed Of Life
2. Tighten Up Your Wig
3. None Of Your Doing
4. Spiritual Fantasy
5. Don't Step On The Grass, Sam
6. 28
7. Magic Carpet Ride
8. Disappointment Number (Unknown)
9. Lost And Found By Trial And Error
10. Hodge, Podge, Strained Through A Leslie
11. Resurrection
12. Reflections

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