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Vinyl reissue of the motion picture soundtrack to one of the most well known musical/horror/comedies of all time. The soundtrack is lively and upbeat, and is a wonderful souvenir for those who adore the film. It is a fantastic collection of Broadway-style songs and a mix of doo-wop and lavish songs along the lines of "Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Side 1
1. Prologue (Little Shop Of Horrors)
2. Skid Row (Downtown)
3. Da-Doo
4. Grow For Me
5. Somewhere That’s Green
6. Some Fun Now
7. Dentist!

Side 2
8. Feed Me (Get It)
9. Suddenly, Seymour
10. Suppertime
11. The Meek Shall Inherit
12. Mean Green Mother From Outerspace
13. Finale (Don’t Feed The Plants)

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