Brian Wilson - No Pier Pressure

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180 Gram LP

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Featuring collaborations with Nate Ruess, She & Him, Kacey Musgraves, Al Jardine, Blondie Chaplin, Sebu and Mark Isham

16 songs including "On The Island," "The Right Time" and "Runaway Dancer"

If you've seen Brian Wilson in concert or heard his records, you know why he's been called the Mozart of Rock, the Gershwin of his generation. The main creative force behind the Beach Boys, Wilson has created some of the most cherished recordings in rock history, including Pet Sounds, the emotional autobiography of its then 23-year-old "auteur."

For the release of his 11th solo studio album, titled No Pier Pressure, Wilson has returned to Capitol Records, his original label home with The Beach Boys. There he reunited with longtime collaborator Joe Thomas, with whom he co-produced The Beach Boys' No. 3 Billboard album That's Why God Made The Radio for the iconic band's 50th anniversary reunion in 2012.

No Pier Pressure features collaborations with Beach Boys bandmates, Kacey Musgraves, fun.'s Nate Ruess, She & Him's Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, Peter Hollens, Capital Cities' Sebu Simonian and trumpet master Mark Isham. Wilson has also brought in session all-stars Don Was, Jim Keltner, Dean Parks, and Kenny Aronoff. Members of Wilson's longtime touring band, including Scott Bennett, Paul Mertens, Darian Sahanaja, and Probyn Gregory also participated in the sessions, along with Matt Jardine, son of Al Jardine, and former bandmate Jeffrey Foskett.

Wilson and Thomas began collaborating on the new songs during The Beach Boys' whirlwind 50th anniversary activities throughout 2012, a banner year for the band which also included a GRAMMY® Award win for Brian for The Beach Boys' long-awaited SMiLE Sessions release. He told family, friends, and journalists around the world that he looked forward to returning to the studio when he got back home to California.

Always most inspired when creativity is given time and space to freely flow, Wilson initially envisioned the sessions for his new album with The Beach Boys in mind, but that was not to be. Wanting to find the right voices to complete his vision, Wilson saw an opportunity to finally become hip with his kids and recruited some amazing young vocalists who have been inspired by his music to do the job.

Wilson took a fluid, woodshedding approach to the recording process, deftly tailoring the vocal and instrumental parts and arrangements to each participant. Wilson worked to hone the arrangements, often assembling pieces from various takes, a signature style of recording he has enjoyed since his earliest sessions with The Beach Boys. In fact, several of the songs were written during the recording process.

Side 1
1. This Beautiful Day
2. Runaway Dancer – featuring Sebu Simonian
3. Saturday Night – featuring Nate Ruess
4. On The Island – featuring She & Him

Side 2
5. The Right Time – featuring Al Jardine and David Marks
6. What Ever Happened – featuring Al Jardine and David Marks
7. Guess You Had To Be There – featuring Kacey Musgraves
8. Tell Me Why – featuring Al Jardine

Side 3
9. Don’t Worry
10. One Kind Of Love
11. Sail Away – featuring Blondie Chaplin and Al Jardine
12. The Last Song

Side 4
13. I’m Feeling Sad
14. Somewhere Quiet
15. Half Moon Bay – feat. Mark Isham
16. Our Special Love – featuring Peter Hollens

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Bravo BW

posted on 05/24/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: SAK
Outstanding music, bravo Mr. Wlison

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