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Drag City



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Ty Segall has turned into one of the busier artists around and now you can add Gemini to the list.

From Drag City: "Gemini begat Twins. Gemini + volumes = Twins. In other words, Gemini is the Twins demos, recorded between 2010 and 2012 by Ty Segall and Eric Bauer. Some were followed straight through, some were departed from to get the Twins effect. Now, in Sleeper's dark, frothy wake, there's room next to Twins in this world for it's prenatal partner-in-womb, Gemini."

Gemini is LP-only, no digital, and ultra-limited.


1. Side 1
2. 1. Thank God For Sinners
3. 2. You’re The Doctor
4. 3. Inside Your Heart
5. 4. The Hill
6. 5. Would You Be My Love
7. 6. Ghost
Side 2
9. 7. They Told Me Too
10. 8. Handglams
11. 9. Who Are You
12. 10. Gold On Shore
13. 11. There Is No Tomorrow

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