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Al Stewart's Past, Present and Future launched the artist from being an English coffeehouse staple to a worldwide rock superstar thanks to the intriguing lyrics and melodies contained within the two sides of this 1974 masterwork. While achieving cult-like status in the U.K. with his unique brand of folk/rock, Past, Present and Future featured some of Al Stewart's finest songs like the prog-rock champions "Roads to Moscow," "Soho (Needless to Say)," and his timeless masterpiece "Nostradamus".

While playing college gigs and opening for major recording acts across the states, Al Stewart's Past, Present and Future grabbed the attention of astute rock radio programmers who had discovered the U.K. import of this classic before it reached North America. Soon, tracks like "Terminal Eyes" ignited a wave of requests, developing the popularity further, while having the luxury of entire sides being played on the more esoteric FM radio stations across the states.

Aside from being a brilliant composer and wonderful vocalist, Al Stewart also plays some mean acoustic and electric guitar alongside some of the most important players of our time like Rick Wakeman, Roger Taylor, Tim Renwick, and many others.

Friday Music is no stranger to the important musical catalog of Al Stewart. Therefore, it is with much honor to continue the Al Stewart Friday Music 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series with the first time audiophile LP release of Past, Present and Future. Impeccably mastered from the original Janus Records tapes by Joe Reagoso (Al Stewart/Yes/Traffic), this long out-of-print vinyl album is now back for you to enjoy in a big way.

This 40th Anniversary special limited edition release also includes the original rare album cover artwork elements in a first time gatefold cover.


Side 1
1. Old Admirals
2. Warren Harding
3. Soho (Needless to Say)
4. The Last Day of June 1934
5. Post World War Two Blues

Side 2
6. Roads to Moscow
7. Terminal Eyes
8. Nostradamus

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