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Total download size: 1.60GB Total play length: 40:58

Cover art included, liner notes not included

First Time In DSD! Never Available As An SACD!

The man behind the recording of Dark Side of the Moon is none other than Alan Parsons. If you want to hear what is his definitive recording and a bit of the Dark Side then this is it. I Robot was produced and engineered by Alan at Abbey Road Studios and is an audiophile’s dream recording. Transferred on an all-tube cutting system from the original 1/4" analog master tapes at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

1. I Robot
2. I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
3. Some Other Time
4. Breakdown
5. Don't Let It Show
6. The Voice
7. Nucleus
8. Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)
9. Total Eclipse
10. Genesis Ch.1. V.32

Customer Reviews (4.43 Stars) 7 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 08/09/2016
4 Stars
Reviewer: Robert O
So like the other reviewer is a bit soft. I can hear more texture with less tape hiss with the HDAD version. But this version is still great especially if you can't get the HDAD version. It is interesting that this has more tape hiss and less would think that if you are getting more hiss the recording is getting more of whats on the tape.

A bit muddy

posted on 04/09/2016
3 Stars
I bought this based on the excellent reviews for this dad recording. I probably have not heard this recording in over 25 years. My father bought this on LP when it came out and I remember that the original recording was much more dynamic than this re-master. I still would give it a 3 star review but not much more than that.

Smooth & Sweet Aural Candy

posted on 03/03/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Joe Hovey
This is what DSD should ALWAYS be. A Pure Listening Delight. There is so much space around the instruments - the instrumentation seems to float around your ears. And the vocals are crystal clear and up front. Of course, I know it's the mastering that brings this quality to the recording, and can only say this digital file surpasses all CD versions that I have. And gives my go-to vinyl a run for it's money. Love it!!!

very happy

posted on 12/15/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: skiman
I just bought this download yesterday and as I listened to it I couldn`t help but smile as I enjoyed the richness and warmth of this recording. DSD is great. it sounded wonderful

Great Job

posted on 03/08/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: Steve K
Definitely worth the price of admission.

Hey Bernie, how about doing Supertramp's Crime of The Century and some Zappa on DSD???


posted on 12/14/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Carlton
This is definitely an excellent recording to demo what DSD is capable of.Especially if you have any of the other formats it has been released/remastered in.I have the MoFi LP from back in the day and I cannot wait to compare the two! I was initially not too impressed when I started playing it,but then realized that I was hearing more of EVERYTHING(including tape hiss)in this DSD file.The music just flows so smoothly that it kind of sneaks up on you.The sound is just amazing,but does not call attention to itself or any particular part of the recording. A MUST HAVE REFERENCE Addendum WARNING/SPOILER ALERT: I am about to commit audiophile heresy here.So if you are a member of the audiophile cult which believes that digital in ANY of its many forms can NEVER match analog EVER. THEN YOU SHOULD STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!!! As good as the MoFi LP is(and it IS)the DSD download just has more of EVERYTHING on my rig. More dynamics More soundstage Smoother sound Your results may vary on your system

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