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If you watched the movie of "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" and thought, "Wow, this is awesome and pretty much perfectly scored," then you know what to expect from the soundtrack. 

The musicians who bring the comic's bands to life cleverly chosen for the 2010 film. Beck revisited his slacker-punk roots with the songs he wrote for Scott's band Sex Bob-Omb; though they're performed by Michael Cera and the other actors in the film, "Threshold," "Summertime," and "Garbage Truck" still have Beck's gloriously messy early-'90s vibe to them. Later, he contributes "Ramona," a dreamy ballad that sounds more like his 2000s work. Meanwhile, Broken Social Scene are Crash and the Boys, the rival band whose "I'm So Sad, So Very Very Sad" lasts a whopping five seconds. Every part of the soundtrack shows how much care went into it, from choosing artists like Broken Social Scene and Metric to nod to the story's Canadian setting, to the 8-bit version of "Threshold" that reflects Pilgrim's immersion in video games. The sweetest detail may be the song that started it all: "Scott Pilgrim," by the Canadian all-female band Plumtree from their 1997 album Predicts the Future, which holds within it all the breathless true love and crunchy guitar goodness that sparked the comic.

Music isn't just integral to the original Scott Pilgrim comics, it pretty much leaps off every other page. Bryan Lee O'Malley's artwork fizzes with life to represent the raucous sounds of the Toronto Music Scene. This album is lovingly compiled to compliment the film, the book and indeed, the city.

Universal Theme
Hillcrest Park
Slick (Patel's Song)
Love Me Some Walking
Talk To The Fist
Feel The Wrath
The Grind
Hello Envy
Mystery Attacker
Second Cup
The Vegan
Bass Battle
Sorry I Guess
The Ninth Circle
Katayanagi Twins vs. Sex Bob-Omb
This Fight Is Over
Gideon Calling
Level 7
Welcome To Chaos Theatre
We Are Sex Bob-Omb
Fast Entrance Into Hell
Chau Down
Game Over
So Alone
Round 2
Death To All Hipsters
A Different Guy
Boss Battle
Blowing Up Right Now
Bye and Stuff
Ninja Ninja Revolution

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