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DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/64fs Download

DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/64fs Download


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Cover art and liner notes included

6 Brand New Tracks in Native DSD recorded on Sonoma by Charlie Natzke at Slipperworld.net
Mixed by Charlie Natzke as Analog directly back to Sonoma stereo DSD64.

The Slipper DSD Sessions are the result of live studio sessions performed by David Elias, Charlie Natzke, Chris Kee, Scott Beynon and Ken Owen in the small intimate studio at Slipperworld, La Honda, California in the redwoods not too far from the coast.

These sessions are recorded to 8 tracks or less on Super Audio Center's Sonoma DSD workstation using EMM Labs/Meitner ADC/DAC converters. They are not edited nor are they overdubbed. Like all other David Elias DSD albums, this release uses the same approach of minimal micing with no isolation, capturing the acoustics of the room, the band as well as the spontaneous arrangements of each song presented. These tracks range in dynamics from the sound of a full electric/acoustic band, to a pure acoustic trio (Heavy Wood!), to a solo acoustic singer/songwriter. It's as real as it sounds.

A PDF is included with song and concept notes by David Elias, photos by Peter Buranzon, as well as lyrics.

What you get to hear on this release is a very dynamic side of the David Elias catalog recorded carefully at Slipperworld to take advantage of the rich spectrum of harmonics, decay, resonance and natural analog like sound captured by single bit, 2.8mHz sample rate Direct Stream Digital (DSD...and the bit goes on...). You can listen to these nuances using any computer audio gear or home/studio hifi gear supporting DSD playback.

1. Miracles Take Time (Solo)
2. Poor Polly
3. White & Blue
4. Silver Pen
5. River of Dreams
6. Miracles Take Time (CasualTees)

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