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With Encore, Hunter Hayes brings brand new music to fans. Encore is quite literally an "encore" of songs added to Hunter's debut album, released as a deluxe version to give Hunter the opportunity to play and provide fans with new music. Encore features eight new and re-recorded tracks including the hit single 'I Want Crazy," plus 'Everybody's Got Somebody But Me (featuring Jason Mraz)," "What You Gonna Do (Duet With Ashley Monroe)," and the fan favorite "Light Me Up."

1. Wildcard
2. Storyline
3. Still Fallin’
4. Tattoo
5. Invisible
6. …Interlude
7. You Think You Know
8. Flashlight
9. When Did You Stop Loving Me
10. …Like I Was Saying (Jam)
11. Secret Love
12. Nothing Like Starting Over
13. If It’s Just Me
14. Love Too Much

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