The Super HiRez Story

More than 25 years ago, as digital technology began staging its ascent to what would eventually lead to a complete transformation of the audio industry, founder and CEO of Acoustic Sounds, Chad Kassem, began selling vinyl records out of his two-bedroom apartment. While the majority of the audio world was working only towards improving the accessibility and convenience of music, Kassem would go further by dedicating himself to finding and eventually producing audiophile-quality records of the absolute highest fidelity. Kassem’s passion for quality – recording, mastering, pressing, artwork – remains the core of the Acoustic Sounds mission.  

Beginning in the late 1990s, downloading rapidly became the dominant vehicle for listeners to buy and enjoy their music. But most people did not recognize the sound quality being sacrificed in the name of listening convenience. Acoustic Sounds remained committed to supplying customers with the highest-quality recordings that could only be found via physical media, namely vinyl records and SACDs.

But digital audio has evolved to the point that we can now offer music downloads without lowering the trusted Acoustic Sounds quality standard. So now, with more than 25 years of experience delivering the world’s finest selection of audiophile recordings, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Super HiRez music store, which brings both accessibility and convenience to the same audiophile-quality recordings with which our name has become synonymous. 

Super HiRez is dedicated to making downloading high-resolution music a simple and stress-free experience. By offering various downloadable formats and providing step-by-step guides, Super HiRez makes it easy for all listeners to get the most out of their music purchases.

Super HiRez offers audio quality that far surpasses that of the CD and that should not even be in the same conversation as an MP3.  Listeners can hear their favorite songs as if they were in the recording studio, ultimately giving them a more enjoyable and immersive listening experience. To help put the difference of sound quality that high-resolution audio provides into perspective, a useful analogy can be found by comparing it to high-definition television. As you sit back in your easy chair nowadays and watch your favorite team with remarkable clarity that lets you literally see the beads of sweat on each player’s forehead, think back to your game-day experience a decade or less ago when you could barely make out the name on the back of a jersey. While HDTV gives viewers an opportunity to see a difference from the image that their old televisions projected, Super HiRez provides listeners with the chance to hear a difference from the sound found in a traditional MP3 download or even a physical CD.

While the digital age saw video quality and convenience improve simultaneously, the development of audio hasn’t been quite as linear. As digital technology allowed audio to break free from the physical restraints of the compact disc, it also introduced a slew of new bandwidth and storage limitations. As a result, some audio quality was lost. But now listeners can experience their favorite music with remarkable clarity and with the same convenience that is offered in lower resolution downloads.

At a quick glance, high-resolution music downloads can seem intimidating to the inexperienced user. Perhaps you’ve done some research on your own and found only a handful of sites that offered little or no information other than the download links themselves. Super HiRez offers a step-by-step tutorial to walk even the most uninformed beginner through the process of enjoying hi-res downloads. 

We offer a variety of download formats, giving listeners several options based on their own system requirements and listening preferences. To our ears, Direct Stream Digital (DSD) is the format that provides the closest approximation to original, analog sound. But Super HiRez ultimately is about choices. We also offer high-resolution PCM files for those who prefer or are set up to enjoy their files that way.

A wide array of audio playback applications are available to suit the needs of every listener. We have gathered a comprehensive list of some of our favorite playback applications that includes some of their distinct capabilities.  All of the applications listed are compatible with the download formats offered through this site.

For those of you interested in a premier listening experience, DSD is the preferred download. DSD-capable hardware is readily available for audiophiles everywhere as several manufacturers have released D/A converters and media servers capable of DSD playback. We recommend several options that will provide the optimal audiophile listening experience.

So what are you waiting for? Now you know why Super HiRez is the best place for audiophile-quality downloads. Getting started in high-resolution music downloads has never been easier, and we hope that your listening experience will be better than ever!