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Bridging the Gap

The Leema Hydra II is an intelligent, bridgeable setero amplifier incorporating many developments pioneered in the Leema Reference mono-block, Altair IV. The Hydra II is notably more flexible than its predecessor. This technological chameleon is able to act in a multitude of roles, always creating a life-like sound stage and maintaining the presence, texture and timbre of the original performance.

Exceptional dynamic range, resolution of fine detail and remarkable clarity, allow the Hydra II to deliver music with captivating energy, even when driving the most demanding of modern audiophile loudspeakers. This exceptional design uses two massive torodial power transformers: one for each channel, together with a seperate transformer for the control circuitry. The highly refined output stage features a very low output impedance. This, coupled with a high current capability ensures vice-like grip and precise control of the loudspeakers, even at very high levels.

  • Power Output: 8 ohms: 148 Watts RMS per channel, 4 ohms: 285 Watts RMS per channel
  • Minimum load impedance: 2 ohms.
  • Output Current: greater than +/- 50 Amps
  • Frequency response +0/-3dB @ 1W: 5Hz - 80KHz
  • Noise (A weighted, volume control minimum): -100dBm
  • Signal to Noise ratio (A weighted, ref: 285 Watts RMS 4 ohms): -104dB
  • THD (10 Watts RMS 4 ohms, 1KHz): 0.004%
  • THD (Max output before clipping, 4 ohms, 1KHz): 0.004%
  • Maximum DC offset: +/- 15mV
  • Sensitivity for maximum output (CD input): 565mV RMS
  • Sensitivity for maximum output (other inputs): 311mV RMS
  • Output Impedance: 0.057 ohms Damping Factor (8 ohms): 140

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