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The VPI Nomad

With the introduction of the new VPI Nomad, there's never been a better excuse to start spinning vinyl! The VPI Nomad is a fully-integrated approach to vinyl playback that even includes a headphone amplifier that's powered by an onboard phonostage and factory-mounted Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge.

With a stroke of genius, VPI has done it again! Now anyone can experience the magic and musicality of vinyl through this made-in-the-USA, soon-to-be-classic, named the Nomad. Finally, a fully integrated vinyl playback system for under a grand — just add headphones.

Without getting to geeky, from a technology standpoint, this integrated turntable has the goods:
  • Proven AC motor for precise and effective speed/pitch control
  • Belt coupled drive system for the ultimate low-noise performance
  • Non-magnetic MDF platter for rich sonics without magnetic interference
  • Precision platter support bearing designed ultra stability and exceptionally low noise
  • 10" gimbaled-bearing tonearm for the ultimate in minimal tracking error with maximum dynamics
  • Ortofon 2M Red High-Output moving magnet cartridge with user replaceable stylus
  • Built-in R.I.A.A. phono preamp featuring low noise, wide bandwidth performance
  • Direct connect Headphone Amplifier for personnel listening
  • Line-level RCA outputs for connecting to any sound system
  • Engineered and musically voiced for maximum enjoyment and minimum hassle
Simplicity at its finest, the Nomad is the perfect example of effective engineering. Within minutes of opening the box, you will be enjoying your favorite records as the only installation, besides plugging it in, is to install the platter on its bearing perch! Everything else is already done by the factory including correct setting of the stylus pressure!




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