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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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Glossy gatefold jacket comes complete with inserts, liner notes

Vinyl reissue of Depeche Mode's 1983 album. The album comes in a gatefold jacket with a thick slab of 180-gram black audiophile vinyl, all containing inserts and liner notes.

The addition of Alan Wilder as a full-time band member (previously he had only joined the band on their 1982 tours), seemed to propel Depeche Mode's creativity far beyond anything they had done to this point as a trio (after Vince Clark left in 1981). Being the only trained musician in the band, Wilder's skill can be heard everywhere on the album — his sharp arrangement skills and heavy use of samples enabled the band to create a rich, thick synthetic sound that they would later develop into their trademark dark boom, in just a couple of albums' time.

Construction Time Again, first released in 1983, proved to be a crucial point in the band's history. Right from the first track, "Love, In Itself" the groups sound is immediately more dense with countless bleeping sound effects and samples exploding away in the background, accompanied by the richest, catchiest synth the boys had yet deployed (as opposed to the melancholic, almost minimalist tunes found on A Broken Frame).





1. Love in Itself
2. More Than a Party
3. Pipeline
4. Everything Counts
5. Two Minute Warning
6. Shame
7. The Landscape Is Changing
8. Told You So
9. And Then…

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