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200 Gram Vinyl Record

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Spanish pressing

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Mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray.

Now pressed at Quality Record Pressings and with tip-on jackets!

Mastered by Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman from the original analog tapes

After four years of nearly nonstop performing, CCR sounds as polished and tight as ever on this album. Of the two hit singles from the LP, "Hey Tonight" and "Have You Ever Seen The Rain," the latter's slower ballad format clearly suggests that band was exploring new areas of its music, including a developing emphasis on instrumentals. With this swing of the pendulum the creative tasks would in the future be shared by all members of the group. A fine and tasty offering, Pendulum is still universally acknowledged as among the greatest in the annals of rock.

1. Chameleon
2. Molina
3. It’s Just A Thought
4. (Wish I Could) Hideaway
5. Pagan Baby
6. Sailor’s Lament
7. Born to Move
8. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
9. Rude Awakening #2
10. Hey Tonight

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posted on 10/06/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jeff C - Australia
This is the best sounding pressing of this I have ever heard! The tonal balance is spot on, the bass reaches lower than ever before. LP is very flat and noiseless. CCR fans should not miss out on these.

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