Dread Zeppelin - Dejah Voodoo





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ALIL 357
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Vinyl Record & CD

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 180 Gram

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180-gram vinyl with bonus album CD included

First time on vinyl!

Robert Plant once called Dread Zeppelin his "favorite band" and it's easy to see why. Led by a 300 lb. Elvis impersonator and a guy in tight black underwear and a cape, Dread Zeppelin, by means of unholy divination, have managed to climb through that small tear in the universe where the stars of Bob Marley, Elvis Presley and Led Zeppelin have aligned.

Now here for the first time on vinyl, Dejah Voodoo, recorded in 2000 and featuring one bonus track, is an album full of mind-boggling Zep covers from the other side of the sun. Their sonic palette also includes bits of hip-hop, techno and lounge jazz. The results are bizarre indeed. It's admirable that Dread Zeppelin is trying to push their sound forward this far into their career.

Side 1
Whole Lotta Love
Hey, Hey What Can I Do (Version 1)
Lemon Song
Rock And Roll
Kingston Celebration
Jah People

Side 2
Going To California
D’Yer Mak’er
Immigrant Song
70 Years Gone
Stairway To Heaven
Hey, Hey What Can I Do (Version 2)

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