John Coltrane - The Complete Sun Ship Session

 (Numbered - Limited)





Product No.:
AMOS 3005

Vinyl Box Sets

No. of Discs: 3
Note: 180 Gram

Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

Limited to 3500 copies; Individually numbered box set!

Mastered by Kevin Gray from the original 3-Track master tapes and pressed at RTI!

The Complete Sun Ship Session is sourced from newly discovered original reels. The set includes the album's five original compositions, unedited, in sequence of recording, with all of the takes as they evolved, as well as the surrounding conversations. More than just a sampling of a few alternate takes, the Complete Session offers a rare opportunity to eavesdrop on an iconic master at work.

Side 1
1. Dearly Beloved (Takes 1 & 2, false start and alternate version)
2. Dearly Beloved (Take 3, breakdown)
3. Dearly Beloved (Take 4, released version)

Side 2
1. Attaining (Take 1, alternate version)
2. Attaining (Take 2, breakdown)

Side 3
1. Attaining (Take 3, complete version)
2. Attaining (Take 4, insert 1)
3. Sun Ship (Take 1, breakdown)
4. Sun Ship (Take 2, complete alternate version)
5. Sun Ship (Take 3, insert 1)

Side 4
1. Sun Ship (Take 4, released version)
2. Studio conversation
3. Ascent (Take 1, released version)

Side 5
1. Ascent (Take 2, incomplete version)
2. Ascent (Take 3, false starts, incomplete version)
3. Ascent (Takes 4-6, inserts/false starts)
4. Ascent (Take 7, complete insert 4)
5. Ascent (Take 8, complete insert 5)

Side 6
1. Amen (Take 1, alternate version)
2. Amen (Take 2, released version)

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

Coltrane: Complete Sun Ship Session

posted on 03/24/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tom Warren
my favorite coltrane studio set has never sounded better. recorded at rca studio new york city not engineered by van gelder. trane’s tenor comes right out of center space sounding crisper and more focused then on the original LP. ditto for every musician’s work in the set, awesome remastering, cutting, pressing etc. recorded in the quartet’s most prolific year of recording, 1965 after returning home from a midwest tour of outdoor festivals and a few nights at leo’s casino cleveland. the quartet’s only session at rca, a studio hailed for releasing some of the finest quality recordings ever put to tape. the liner notes speculate van gelder was booked and trane had to get in a studio to record inspired by the tour. laying out the complete session, giving each tune about a side of wax allows for a deeper understanding of what the master was feeling, thinking, communicating. a deep soul sharing in his given medium, dig it! audiophile approved, listen

Fantastic box!

posted on 09/16/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: TJN
I have a bunch of the old Mosaic boxes and some of the new ones, I have never heard a better sounding than this one and that is with a huge margin. The sound of the sax and the drums are reference. The reason for this I guess is a combination of a few things but a Kevin Gray mastering is a master in work. And the music, I love the Impulse period from JC and this is him at his peak. If you like this period this is a must have, if you like great sound, this is a must have, if you like superb LP releases and want to support the people doing this, it´s a must have. As always from Mosaic; great packing and booklet. 3500 is released and someday they will be gone. Don`t wait.

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