At The Drive-In - Vaya

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10 inch Vinyl Record

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Featuring "Rascuache" and "198D" on white vinyl

Reissue of this absolutely astounding seven-song, 23-plus-minute EP. "At The Drive-In seems to have finally come together and found the true and beautiful essence of their music. They have taken the raw intensity and power of their earlier efforts, and focused upon it, bringing forth something that surpasses anything they have done to this point. "'Rascuache,' the first and perhaps most original song on the album, is filled with slightly tribal rhythms interwoven with beautiful electronic tones, fierce guitars and the passionate vocals that ATDI are known for." — All Music Guide

1. Rascuache
2. Proxima Centauri
3. Ursa Minor
4. Heliotrope
5. Metronome Arthritis
6. 300 MHz
7. 198d

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