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The Who: The Studio Albums, 180-gram 14 LP Box Set!

Limited edition deluxe set featuring 11 studio albums on 14 discs, from 1966's The Who Sings My Generation to 2006's Endless Wire

All albums remastered

180-gram vinyl featuring the original LP artworks

The world's greatest rock band. The Who, stands alone in rock music. The most explosive live act ever to appear on stage, the most musically inventive and structurally innovative band of all time! Propelled by the most staggeringly brilliant rhythm section in all popular music, layered with deafening power chords and thunderous vocal fury, The Who transcended its original billing as "Maximum R&B." Together, the four divergent personalities of The Who produced a hurricane. Each of them was a pioneer. Wildman drummer Keith Moon beat his kit with a chaotic elegance; stoic bassist John Entwistle held down the center with the melodic virtuosity of a solo guitarist; raging intellectual Pete Townshend punctuated the epic universality of his songs with the windmill slamming of his fingers across his guitar strings; and Roger Daltrey roared above it all with an impossibly virile macho swagger. They exploded conventional rhythm and blues structures, challenged pop music conventions, and redefined what was possible on stage, in the recording studio, and on vinyl. Never before or since has spiritual and intellectual brilliance sounded so gloriously furious.

Alone among the great bands, The Who has found itself at the center of every major rock event — Monterey, Woodstock, the Isle of Wight, the Concert for Kampuchea, Live Aid, the Concert for NYC. In any era, The Who is a touchstone for rock and roll greatness. They have sold more than 100 million albums and won every award including Grammys/Brit Awards/Lifetime Achievement. They have been inducted into both the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and UK Music Hall of Fame. Their charitable work is legendary with millions of dollars raised over the years for a variety of causes.

The 1965 debut album for the group led by vocalist Roger Daltrey was produced right after the group's first singles hit the charts. Critics often rate it as one of the best rock albums of all time. Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time ratedit at 237!

A Quick One, released in 1966, was released in the U.S. under the name Happy Jack rather than the sexually suggestive title of the U.K. release. Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time rated it 383!

Released in 1967, The Who Sell Out is a concept album containing a collection of songs interspersed with fake commercials and public service announcements. The intended irony relates to the fact that The Who were making commercials during that period of their career. Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time rated it 113!

Tommy is a double album telling a story of a 'deaf, dumb and blind boy' who becomes the leader of a messianic movement. It was the first musical work to be billed as a rock opera. In 1998, the album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for "historical, artistic and significant value."

Who's Next, released in 1971, has origins in a rock opera conceived by Pete Townshend called Lifehouse. The complex project did not come to fruition at the time and instead, many of the songs written for the project were compiled onto this album of unrelated songs. The critical and commercial success upon release was certified 3X platinum by the RIAA in 2009.

The group's second rock opera, Quadrophenia, was released in 1973 and involves social, musical and psychological events from an English teenage perspective set in London in the mid-'60s. The title of the album refers to the four distinct personalities of "Jimmy" and also, to the quadrophonic sound, which was, at the time, a recent invention.

Released in October 1975, The Who By Numbers was named the 10th best album of the year in The Village Voice Pazz & Jop critics poll.

The eighth studio album by the band, Who Are You was released in 1978. The title track was, and still is, perhaps their most well-known song. This was the last album with Keith Moon as the drummer; he died approximately three weeks after its release.

1981's Face Dances sees a change in the lineup with Kenney Jones replacing the late Keith Moon on drums. The first single from the album "You Better You Bet" was one of the first music videos aired on MTV in 1981.

It's Hard was the last album to feature bassist John Entwistle and drummer Kenny Jones and the group's final album prior to 2006's Endless Wire.

The 11th album, Endless Wire, released in 2006, features Roger Daltrey on lead vocals and Pete Townshend on stringed instruments, keyboards, etc., plus a host of additional musicians rounding out the lineup.

• Limited Edition Box Set
• 11 studio albums (14 LPs in all)
• Mastered by Jon Astley and Miles Showell at Close to the Edge and Metropolis Studios!
• All Original LP Artwork with Posters, Inserts & More!

Roger Daltrey, vocals
Pete Townshend, guitar
John Entwistle, bass
Keith Moon, drums (first eight albums)
Kenney Jones drums (9th and 10th albums)




My Generation (1965)
Out in the Street
I Don't Mind
The Good's Gone
Much Too Much
My Generation
The Kids Are Alright
Please, Please, Please
It's Not True
I'm A Man
A Legal Matter
The Ox

A Quick One (1966)
Run Run Run
Boris the Spider
I Need You
Whiskey Man
Cobwebs and Strange
Don't Look Away
See My Way
So Sad About Us
A Quick One, While He's Away

The Who Sell Out (1967)
Armenia City in the Sky
Heinz Baked Beans
Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand
Our Love Was
I Can See for Miles
I Can't Reach You
Silas Stingy

Tommy (1969) (2LP)
LP 1
It's A Boy
Amazing Journey
The Hawker
Cousin Kevin
The Acid Queen
LP 2
Do You Think It's Alright?
Fiddle About
Pinball Wizard
There's A Doctor
Go To the Mirror!
Tommy Can You Hear Me?
Smash the Mirror
Miracle Cure
Sally Simpson
I'm Free
Tommy's Holiday Camp
We're Not Gonna Take It

Who's Next (1971)
Baba O'Riley
Love Ain't For Keeping
My Wife
Song Is Over
Getting In Tune
Going Mobile
Behind Blue Eyes
Won't Get Fooled Again

Quadrophenia (1973) (2LP)
LP 1
I Am the Sea
The Real Me
Cut My Hair
The Punk and the Godfather
I'm One
The Dirty Jobs
Helpless Dancer
Is It In My Head?
I"ve Had Enough
LP 2
Sea and Sand
Bell Boy
Doctor Jimmy
The Rock
Love, Reign O'er Me

The Who By Numbers (1975)
Slip Kid
However Much I Booze
Squeeze Box
Dreaming From the Waist
Imagine A Man
Success Story
They Are All In Love
Blue, Red and Grey
How Many Friends
In A Hand or A Face

Who Are You (1978)
New Song
Had Enough
Sister Disco
Music Must Change
Trick of the Light
Guitar and Pen
Love Is Coming Down
Who Are You

Face Dances (1981)
You Better You Bet
Don't Let Go the Coat
Cache Cache
The Quiet One
Did You Steal My Money
How Can You Do It Alone
Daily Records
Another Tricky Day

It's Hard (1982)
It's Your Turn
Cooks County
It's Hard
Eminence Front
I've Known No War
One Life's Enough
One At A Time
Why Did I Fall For That
A Man Is A Man
Cry If You Want

Endless Wire (2006) (2LP)
A Man In a Purple Dress
Mike Post Theme
In the Ether
Black Widow's Eyes
Two Thousand Years
God Speaks of Marty Robbins
It's Not Enough
You Stand By Me
Wire & Glass - A Mini Opera: Sound Round
Pick Up the Peace
Unholy Trinity
Trilby's PIano
Endless Wire
Fragments of Fragments
We Got a Hit
They Made My Dream Come True
Mirror Door
Tea & Theatre
We Got A Hit (Extended Version)
Endless Wire (Extended Version)

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The Who

posted on 01/12/2013
5 Stars
I was hesitant to buy this but I really wanted a complete set of the Who (this is minus *live at leeds” unfortunately) because I was uncertain about the remastering process and the previous praise the classic remasters received. I have been waiting for a review to assist but that hasn’t happened so I bit the bullet and bought it.

I have now payed the whole set right through three times now except I keep get getting stuck on Tommy and Quad, two albums I never relay appreciated until now. I do have a few early pressings and a couple of the classic remasters to compare to but this sounds wonderful. Big sound stage, three dimensional, lovely detail, incredible controlled bass, I have never heard Townsend and Entwistle this good, love it, M

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