Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks

 (Numbered Limited Edition)

Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks


Mobile Fidelity



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AMOB 1381
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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP  

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Numbered Limited Edition

Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks on numbered limited edition 180-gram LP from Mobile Fidelity!

Presence, immediacy, naturalness: Mobile Fidelity reissue makes Blood on the Tracks among most lifelike-sounding albums you'll ever hear!

Dylan's Masterpiece Break-Up Album: Ranked No. 16 on Rolling Stone's List of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time! Includes "Tangled Up In Blue," "Simple Twist of Fate," "Idiot Wind," and "Buckets of Rain"

Winner of a Gruvy Award, chosen by AnalogPlanet's editor, Michael Fremer, for vinyl records that are musically and sonically outstanding and are also well mastered and pressed.


Bob Dylan was at several crossroads in the mid-1970s. Artistically, he was largely written off as being past his prime. Emotionally, he was suffering through a painful divorce from his then-wife Sara Lowndes. Creatively, he appeared at a stalemate, his previous decade's unprecedented run of transformational brilliance finished. Then came Blood on the Tracks.

A start-to-finish cycle that documents a lover's pursuit of, entanglement with, and loss of a woman, the bracingly intimate 1975 effort remains one of the most encompassing break-up albums ever made and ranks as the most personal statement of the Bard's career. To hear it is to experience the agony, frustration, trauma, highs, lows, confusion, sadness, and, ultimately, requisite redemption associated with intimate relationships gone astray. Dylan maintains it's a work of fiction, but it's evident close-vested autobiographical premise is what helps make it universal: It's the icon singing through tears, going out of his mind, battling hallowing emptiness, firing shots across the bow, and accepting culpability. It is, in short, a consummate expression of love's darker sides and the consequences of what happens when dreams unravel.

As part of its Bob Dylan catalog restoration series, Mobile Fidelity is thoroughly humbled to have the privilege of mastering the iconic LP from the original master tapes and pressing it on dead-quiet LPs at RTI. The end result is the very finest, most transparent analog edition of Blood on the Tracks ever produced-and the first-ever proper analog reissue. Fantastically presenting both the solo acoustic and band-supported songs with the utmost clarity, dynamics, presence, immediacy, spaciousness, imaging, and balance, this version shines a high-powered light on the fluid vocal phrasing, timbral shifts, functional rhythms, and inward-looking strumming that contribute to every song here serving as a wound-exposing confessional.





Side 1
Tangled up in Blue
Simple Twist of Fate
You're a Big Girl Now
Idiot Wind
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome
When You Go

Side 2
Meet Me in the Morning
Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts
If You See Her, Say Hello
Shelter from the Storm
Buckets of Rain

Customer Reviews (4.13 Stars) 8 person(s) rated this product.

Odd Mastering Job

posted on 11/22/2016
1 Stars
I continue to have very strange problems with MoFi pressings. The top end is fatiguing and unnatural. It's just not a happening reissue. It's another in a long string of disappointing MoFi albums. The QC is all over the map, my The Band record is dull and (for some odd reason) completely low-end heavy. The Bitches Brew LP is awful. It's a real shame!!

Typical MoFi

posted on 09/14/2013
4 Stars
Reviewer: gpm
I have to agree with a lot of the reviewers. This is my favorite Dylan album, and I love Dylan. It is also another MoFi that I also own the original. In every case, the original is better. In this case, not really close. Though my Abbey Road is the worse. My original is a Columbia from 1977. Thin vinyl, but as most of you know, that really doesn't make much difference on sound quality of a pressing. Hey, I love MoFi, terrific packaging, thick sexy vinyl, and access to some vinyl we just can't get otherwise. But the fact is the MoFi pressings are, in general, subdued. I am a fan of MoFi, but they are different than the originals. I seem to always prefer the original, and I want to like the MoFi going in. I am grateful they are out there. But do not think they are the reference.


posted on 09/14/2013
3 Stars
The mastering is great but my copy had 2 tracks on side 2 completly ruined by the noisy vinyl What a waste:(


posted on 07/08/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Lloydville
Stupendous pressing of a stupendous album. Unless you've got a pristine copy of the original release you need this in your collection. Essential.

Been waiting for this one

posted on 07/05/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Larry
Now I'm waiting to see if MOFI will replace a bad pressing with out me paying for return shipping.

MFSL continues hitting homers

posted on 07/04/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: JeffersonDD
This is by far my favorite Dylan album. This is without question the best pressing of BOTT I've ever heard. The bass is finally sharp and defined. The imaging and soundstage are crisp and expansive. I hate to use an already overused cliche, but the musicians are in the room with you.

Nothing too fancy, no 45 RPM, no 200g pressing, just incredibly well done mastering and HQ manufacturing process.

It's worth $60, and a bargain at $30

A must buy.

posted on 06/30/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: SS
If you're a fan of this album then this pressing is the one to own. MFSL has been on a roll lately and this is another great addition to their catalog.

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