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Stevie Ray Vaughan already had a decade of performing experience under his belt when he burst into the mass consciousness with his landmark 1983 debut LP Texas Flood. Recorded in a mere three days in Vaughan fan Jackson Browne's private studio, Texas Flood became a surprise smash and established Vaughan as the preeminent guitar hero of the 1980s. The album, which earned a pair of Grammy nominations, features the hit "Pride and Joy" along with such beloved Vaughan numbers as "Love Struck Baby," "Dirty Pool" and "Lenny."

1. Love Struck Baby
2. Pride and Joy
3. Texas Flood
4. Tell Me
5. Testify
6. Rude Mood
7. Mary Had A Little Lamb
8. Dirty Pool
9. I'm Cryin
10. Lenny

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posted on 01/24/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Milton
Since SRV is always mentioned as a big influence by many guitar players, I was expecting a great record, and it still managed to surprise me. Anyone who simply loves rock and roll should own this one.

The instrumental tracks are my favorites. Now I understand why eric johnson treasures SRV.

The LP sounds good enough to me. Clean and clear. If there is any compression, I simply failed to notice it!

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