John Coltrane - The Heavyweight Champion - The Complete Atlantic Recordings

 (12LP Set)

John Coltrane - The Heavyweight Champion - The Complete Atlantic Recordings





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John Coltrane is, by universal acclaim, one of the half-dozen or so most important artists in the history of jazz. Original Atlantic producer Joel Dorn supervised this reissue from the earliest generation masters Coltrane recorded during his 1959-1961 stint with the label. In the process discovering an entire reel of tape from John's first Atlantic solo sessions. This unissued material, including revealing takes of such classics as "Giant Steps" and "Naima," makes up an entire album. The deluxe booklet freature notes by Coltrane, biographer Louis Porter, plus testimonials from such contemporatires as Yusef Lateef and Charles Lloyd and a rare interview with "Cousin Mary" Alexander, offering a personal view of jazz's true Heavyweight Champion. Album sleeves reproduced from original art, plus a lavish 44-page booklet that includes rare interviews and never-before-published photographs! Such greats as Milt Jackson, Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, McCoy Tyner,Alvin Jones, Eric Dolph and others can be heard playig in support on "Heavyweight Champion!" LP includes "Giant Steps," "Coltrane Jazz" "My Favorite Things," "Bags & Trane," "Ole Coltrane," "Coltrane Plays The Blues," "Coltrane's Sound," "The Avant-Garde" (with Don Cherry), "The Coltrane Legacy," and "Alternate Takes." Box Set is 12 LP's.

1. Giant Steps
2. Cousin Mary
3. Countdown
4. Spiral
5. Syeeda's Song Flute
6. Naima
7. Mr. P. C.
8. Little Old Lady
9. Village Blues
10. My Shining Hour
11. Fifth House
12. Harmonique
13. Like Sonny
14. I'll Wait and Pray
15. Some Other Blues
18. My Favorite Things
19. Everytime We Say Goodbye
20. Summertime
21. But Not For Me
22. Bags & Trane
23. Three Little Words
24. The Night We Called It A Day
25. Be-Bop
26. The Late Late Blues
27. Ole'
28. Dahomey Dance
29. Aisha
30. Blues To Elvin
31. Blues to Bechet
32. Blues To You
33. Mr. Day
34. Mr. Syms
35. Mr. Knight
36. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
37. Central Park West
38. Liberia
39. Body And Soul
40. Equinox
41. Satellite
42. Cherryco
43. Focus On Sanity
44. The Blessing
45. The Invisible
46. Bemsha Swing
47. Original Untitled Ballad
48. Untitled Original
49. Centerpiece
50. Stairway to The Stars
51. Blues Legacy
52. Giant Steps (Alternate Takes)
53. Naima (Alternate Takes)
54. Like Sonny (Alternate Takes)
55. Cousin Mary (Alternate Takes)
56. I'll Wait & Pray (Alternate Takes)
57. Countdown (Alternate Takes)
58. Body and Soul (Alternate Takes)
59. Syeeda's Song Flute (Alternate Takes)
60. Giant Steps (Alternate Version) Take 1 thru 7
61. Naima (Alternate Version) Take 1 & Take 2
63. Naima -Take 4 False start
64. Naima- Take 5 (Alternate)
65. Naima - Take 6 (Alternate)
66. Like Sonny (Alternate Version) Rehearsal 1 & 2
67. Like Sonny (Alternate Version) Take 1 thru Take 6
68. Giant Steps - Take 3 incomplete
69. Giant Steps - Take 6 (alternate)
70. Village Blues - Take unknown (alternate)
71. Blues to Elvin ( Take 1 (alternate)
72. Blues To Elvin - Take 2 (False start)
73. Blues to Elvin - Take 3 (alternate)
74. Blues To You - Take 1 (alternate)
75. Blues To You - Take 2 (alternate)

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