Mason Jennings - Minnesota


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ASAB 003
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Vinyl Record

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As one grows into adulthood, remaining steadfastly single-minded about one's pursuits gets increasingly difficult. The musician becomes a band made navigating the creative energies of those around them. He becomes a boyfriend, a husband, a businessman. She becomes a lover, a mother, a practitioner of her art. Life becomes multifarious, and the pressure to not let the disparate threads of a chaotic life unravel can cause strain on any relationship. With his new album Minnesota, Mason Jennings crafts a collage of love trying to survive the transition into being a grown-up in a complex world.


1. Bitter Heart
2. Raindrops on the Kitchen Floor
3. Hearts Stop Beating
4. Clutch
5. Witches Dream
6. Rudy
7. Wake Up
8. Well of Love
9. No Relief

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