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Remastered from the original tapes! It sounds incredible!!

Not everything that crosses our desks is recommendable for everyone. These Neil Young reissues are! It's just that simple. We've heard the test pressings for these landmark titles, and we can say that without question you'll be blown away!

Neil Young's second solo album, 1969's Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere cracked the Top 40, went platinum and included three of his most beloved songs, "Cinnamon Girl" and the nearly 10-minute epics "Down By The River" and "Cowgirl In The Sand." The album also introduced his associated band, Crazy Horse.

Released just four months after Young's solo and self-titled debut, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere is a much more confident, less-restrained, livelier set. Much of the credit for that style change of course goes to Crazy Horse, the Los Angles trio previously known as The Rockets of Danny Whitten (guitar), Ralph Molina (drums) and Billy Talbot (bass). The band fuels Young on a looser, guitar-heavy approach.

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere went Gold within a year-and-a-half of its release and has since gone Platinum.

1. Cinnamon Girl (By Neil Young with Crazy Horse )
2. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (By Neil Young with Crazy Horse )
3. Round & Round [It Won't Be Long] (By Neil Young with Crazy Horse )
4. Down By The River (By Neil Young with Crazy Horse )
5. The Losing End [When You're On] (By Neil Young with Crazy Horse )
6. Running Dry [Requiem For The Rockets] (By Neil Young with Crazy Horse )
7. Cowgirl In The Sand (By Neil Young with Crazy Horse )

Customer Reviews (4.67 Stars) 3 person(s) rated this product.

Great guitar sound!

posted on 10/05/2015
4 Stars
One of the records that got me started on vinyl 45 years ago. This record is all about guitars, and the guitars here sound brilliant! There is more detail here than on the original, but it sounds like at least some of that added detail is a result of goosing the top end a little, which makes some poorly recorded vocals sound a little unnatural on a couple of tracks. But the guitars sound GREAT and the vinyl is top notch. 4-4.5 out of 5. Not quite as good as the Harvest reissue, but still pretty darn good.


posted on 01/10/2015
5 Stars
Nothing more to really say. This version has everything all other issues lack. Amazing presence, dead quiet wax, doesn't get any better thsn this people. This is how to do vinyl!


posted on 06/23/2011
5 Stars
After Live Rust, this was the second Neil Young record (on cd) I bought.... While it sounded great, the sound never quite made me listen in awe... That has changed with this release which is 100% better. The depth of the soundstage is so much more full. The bass. The guitar. they are all right THERE! I am sure the new releases of Harvest and After the Goldrush are stellar! I have been surviving on a pristine first pressing of Decade for years! No more!

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