Ben Webster - Gentle Ben

That rich, humid, giant sax tone blooms like on few other Webster recordings.

"The soundstage is intimate and inviting, Webster's horn beautifully captured with sweet, rich overtornes, the bass liquid, chugging, and textured, piano and drums easy and natural. As with each title, the music emerges from QRP's beautifully flat and wonderfully silent surfaces with that much more "there-ness." Sonics = 4/5; Music = 3.5/5 — Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, January 2013

"...Webster's trademark sensual sound is on full display and, of course, he's backed by Montoliu, an outstanding Spanish piano veteran who accompanied all the great jazz artists passing through Europe...This is one of the first releases by Analogue Productions pressed at their new in-house pressing plant Quality Record Pressings, and the record bears a close resemblance in appearance to records from Pallas - beautiful looking and perfectly quiet...The superb 200-gram LP comes in a rice paper sleeve and jacket of heavy cardboard...Highest Recommendation." Recording = 10/10; Music = 8.5/10 — Dennis D. Davis, Hi-Fi+, Issue 81

This recording was made 10 months before Ben Webster's death in 1972. Webster, who had left the United States in 1965 to settle in Europe — first in Copenhagen and then in Amsterdam — was visiting fellow musician and friend Tete Montoliu in Barcelona. Webster and pianist Montoliu went back a ways, having played together regularly in Webster's Copenhagen days. In fact, Montoliu cited Webster and Don Byas as his two chief musical influences. Webster and Montoliu understood each other deeply, and their comfort with on another is palpable in this recording. Their accompaniment of one another is seamless. On board with these two is Montoliu's regular working trio-mates, Eric Peter on bass and Peer Wyboris on drums.

There's no shortage of Webster's trademark breathy, fat tenor tone here. In fact, given the sparse arrangement, that rich, humid, giant sax blooms like on few other recordings. Highlights include "Ben's Blues," "Sweet Georgia Brown," "The Man I Love" and "Don't Blame Me."


1. Ben's Blues
2. The Man I Love
3. My Nephew Bent
4. How Long This Has Been Going On
5. Sweet Georgia Brown
6. Don't Blame Me
7. Did You Call
8. Barcelona Shout

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posted on 07/07/2017
3 Stars
Rhythmic section plays and sounds very nice, but the sax is to loud and overpowered the rest when he plays. The sound of Ben is not so good on this LP. I have the same problem with Kenny Burrell - Bluesy Burrell, 45rpm version, where Coleman is really to loud !

Ben forever

posted on 02/18/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: paolo
A little almost unknown gem. Great music. Big fat sound. Superb remastering. What I can say more? Buy it!!!


posted on 10/03/2012
5 Stars


posted on 05/22/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jorge Ferreira
Superb supless and sentiment from the heart, great performance of two magnificent musicians acting as just one, great recording and pressing.

Great stuff, quiet vinyl and vivid sound.

posted on 02/26/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jack
The is my first QRP pressing but certainly not the last. The vinyl is FLAT and exceptionally quiet while Webster's sax is up front, dynamic and palpable.The mix is a little unusual (to me) in that the bass and keys are so low and pushed back in the room, but makes for a cool image nonetheless.


posted on 08/19/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ant Simon
The detail in this pressing is amazing. I found myself focusing on Ben's breathing around the mouthpiece rather than through it. A bit of surface noise though

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