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Blind Faith - Blind Faith

Japanese Import

Blind Faith - Blind Faith




Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

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Japanese Import

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SHM-SACD (Super High Material SACD) is the ultimate Super Audio CD that utilizes the materials and technologies that were developed for the SHM-CD to further enhance the audio-resolution. These discs are made with polycarbonate developed for the screen of the liquid crystal display. As it has a higher transparency, players can read the signal more faithfully. Also, it excels in fluidity, which enables you to cast a more accurate pit. What works wonders for a low resolution format such as CD should offer even greater sonic improvements in a real high resolution format such as SACD.

- Two-channel SACD layer only, to secure enough reflectance and not to compress DSD file.
- Label of the disc is printed with a special green ink called 'Onsho Shiyou,' which minimizes diffuse reflection.
- Carefully selected master audio is used, from existing DSD files to newly converted from analog tapes.

Blind Faith was cursed at its very inception by being billed as a supergroup. This was truly a pity, because for all the classic beauty of its only recording, Blind Faith was a band that never had a legitimate opportunity to come together as a performing ensemble. Hyped to the hilt and rushed into a massive, chaotic tour, the band fell apart after its final American concerts when Eric Clapton packed in it to join Delaney & Bonnie's band.

Had to Cry Today
Can't Find My Way Home
Well...All Right
Presence of the Lord
Sea of Joy
Do What You Like
Customer Reviews (4.50 Stars) 2 person(s) rated this product.

Blind Faith - Blind Faith SHM-SACD Stereo Only

posted on 09/11/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mark Powers
Having been a tiny bit dissapointed with the SHM-SACD's of Cream's Disraeli Gears and Goodbye, not because of the reissue which I believe to be great, it was just what I presume to be the original recording to be a bit gritty. I was pleasantly surprised to have this Blind Faith disc much improved and I believe probably a better original recording. All this said this is a great reissue that I am happy to have. All the good quality sound is as good as I have ever heard including Ginger Bakers drum solo which comes across perfect on this disc. I have grown to love the packaging on the SHM-SACD, Japanese, but this packaging is different, good,(gate fold, not little box like others) but not as good as others I have purchased. I will continue to ask that the printed material be printed in English and Japanese, seems simple, not sure why they don't.

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