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1989 US Pressing

Although the slick production of most of Clapton's '80s work is evident, his passion is far from lacking. "Running On Faith" finds Slowhand looking deep inside himself as a gospel choir chimes away in the background. On Ray Charles' "Hard Times" Clapton reminds listeners that heartache is around the corner. The sweet nothings whispered in "Lead Me On" are made that much sweeter by the harmonies of Cecil and Linda Womack. E.C. also manages to have a ball with a shuffling "Hound Dog" and a rollicking take on Bo Diddley's "Before You Accuse Me."


1. Pretending
2. Anything For Your Love
3. Bad Love
4. Running On Faith
5. Hard Times
6. Hound Dog
7. No Alibis
8. Run So Far
9. Old Love
10. Breaking Point
11. Lead Me On
12. Before You Accuse Me

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All analog reissue

posted on 01/25/2015
4 Stars
Reviewer: Hikmer
Clearly stated on the outside of the record is the fact this is an all analog reissue of this record. That being said, Eric during this period suffers a little from getting caught up with the times as it sounds very 80s (check out his Miami Vice look on the back cover.) Anyway, its the best you'll ever hear these tracks which if you grew up at the time were all over the radio..and you probably heard them to death. Solid effort and for $9.99 its a great price for a double LP release.

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