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The aptly titled Volume Two introduced a retooled Soft Machine lineup, with Wyatt and Ratledge joined by bassist Hugh Hopper, an old Canterbury friend who had guested on the first album. The sophomore disc finds the threesome moving towards a more explicitly jazz-influenced sound, with an increased emphasis on instrumental material. The album is book-ended by a pair of extended compositions which are broken up into shorter individual tracks bearing whimsically arbitrary titles.


1. Pataphysical Introduction – Part I
2. A Concise British Alphabet – Part I
3. Hibou, Anemone and Bear
4. A Concise British Alphabet – Part II
5. Hulloder
6. Dada Was Here
7. Thank You Pierrot Lunaire
8. Have You Ever Bean Green?
9. Pataphysical Introduction – Part II
10. Out of Tunes
11. As Long as He Lies Perfectly Still
12. Dedicated to You But You Weren't Listening
13. Fire Engine Passing with Bells Clanging
14. Pig
15. Orange Skin Food
16. A Door Opens and Closes
17. 10.30 Returns to the Bedroom

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A Little Piece of Heaven

posted on 02/14/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael Broer
I can remember those hot summer afternoons of August '69 when this album was played on our local radio. Because there aren't any breaks in the music each side was played without interruption. What a different world it was when DJs were in charge and on the old AM band! This album is a jazz-rock fusion and is one of the most striking of that great era in music. This still amazes while some of its contemporaries haven't aged that well. I rediscovered this music back in the late '90s on CD out of curiosity. I recognized it immediately. I didn't know what I was getting when I ordered it on vinyl, as some productions can be just minimal improvements over CDs(I can't compare it with an early vinyl pressing). This is definitely not the case as this is a vast improvement in every aspect--more depth, detail and presence over the digitized version. A great example of why the analogue medium is well worth the investment.

Bang & Olufsen 4004(mm20cl)/Marantz 2325(restored)/JBL L100

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