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A product of the same fabled Canterbury scene that spawned such beloved cult acts as Caravan and Hatfield and the North, the Soft Machine was the rare art-rock combo whose members possessed the instrumental skills to execute their ambitious musical ideas, as well as a playful sense of humor that balanced the band's complex compositions and adventurous improvisations. The Soft Machine, co-produced by Chas Chandler and Tom Wilson, announced the band's arrival on the international scene in fine style.


1. Hope for Happiness
2. Joy of a Toy
3. Hope for Happiness (reprise)
4. Why Am I So Short?
5. So Boot If At All
6. A Certain Kind
7. Save Yourself
8. Priscilla
9. Lullabye Letter
10. We Did It Again
11. Plus Belle qu'une Poubelle
12. Why Are We Sleeping?
13. Box 25/4 Lid

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I disagree with the other review here

posted on 06/11/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Joe
I don't have the original pressings of this and the second LP to compare, but these both sound fine to me, especially compared to the CD. I did have a pressing of the second Soft Machine that was pressed in the 90s, possibly by Scorpio, and the Sundazed pressing sounds much better. I would also note that Fremer, while I admire him, seems to have changed his mind about a label he liked very much for a long time.

dull, flat, lifeless

posted on 02/07/2016
1 Stars
I share Michael Fremer's opinion that many Sundazed vinyl releases sound like they're cut from low res digital files. Avoid this release. It has no dynamics, no life. Bob Irwin, come clean already about your cutting masters.

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