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Mahler - Symphony No.1/ London Symphony Orchestra/ George Solti

"What kind of a world is this which produces such sounds and forms to portray itself?" said Mahler of his First Symphony and gave the world his answer in the music. What at first sounds like endless Spring is transformed grotesquely to become an eerie collage. Just how deceptive is this idyllic landscape through which the wayfarer wanders? Distant fanfares, furtive melodies and strange cuckoo calls disturb the seemingly peaceful depiction of nature before the cheerful theme melody pushes to the fore. But this peace is transient too. The wayfarer begins to increase his pace, he is not the hunter but the hunted in a hostile world. This symphony neither portrays nor describes - it presents the esthetic counterpart of reality. In view of the recent revival of Mahler and the resultant new recordings of his works, this early DECCA recording cannot be too highly praised. The disc guarantees not only a masterly performance but sumptuous sound and transparency.

1. Langsam, Schleppend, Wie Ein Naturlaut
2. Kräftig Bewegt, Doch Nicht Zu Schnell
3. Feierlich Und Gemessen, Ohne Zu Schleppen
4. Stürmisch Bewegt

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posted on 04/10/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: Toe
I'm not very good at reviewing. I actually have never done so before...but I had to say a few words. Let us not call this a review, let me just call it my thoughts on the matter. WOW, fantastic sound, great engineering, fantastic dynamics, and superb conducting (with this I include the orchestra's playing as well. I feel the best players follow the most famous conductors, so they go hand in hand...I think). Some of Solti's other renderings have left me wanting. For instance Beethoven's ninth with Solti...That record seemed like the orchestra had a cold...does this make sense? Solti seemed timid...Oh well, not so with this disk of Mahler's, bam! boom!..exciting and emotional...this record takes me places on its sound quality alone. Oh by the way Mahler's first is incredibly brilliant...a true masterpiece in my humble opinion.


PS If you're not playing vinyl, you're just playing.

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