James Blackshaw - The Glass Bead Game

James Blackshaw - The Glass Bead Game


Young God Records



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"James used to be in punk bands in England, but then he started listening to people like John Fahey, Robbie Basho etc., and I assume soon locked himself in a room for 12 hours a day for several years and just played his guitar constantly. It takes intense discipline and a religious commitment to get to the place where he's at with his instrument - his soulful and kaleidoscopic ever-shifting mantra cycles are, in my view, incredibly beautiful. Just his guitar by itself, with it's swirling overtones, cascading notes and a thousand points of light, is like an orchestra, but now he's started to further orchestrate his pieces with piano, strings, wind, vocals, and the music is positively cinematic, and mesmerizing." - Michael Gira, Young God Records

1. Cross
2. Bled
3. Fix
4. Key
5. Arc

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